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Strawberry Supermoon: Tips For Combatting Emotional Effects

The final Supermoon of the year, known as The Strawberry Moon will be on the 24th of. Ending Mercury Retrograde (22nd of June) and straight after the Summer Solstice (21st of June), will inevitably cause a cavalcade of emotions, exhaustion, and increased levels of anxiety.

Known for its emotional effects, we discuss how best to combat the emotional effects of this full moon, experts at spoke exclusively to Inbaal, renowned Psychic and Wellness Advocate, who provided 3 top tips:

Full Strawberry Moon back silhouette trees red sky, Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Rest and fuel your body

We all will be feeling exhausted as full moons are known to be psychically and mentally draining. 

Take some time across the next three days of the full moon to be totally still.

Sit or lay motionless for at least ten minutes – and do nothing.

Don’t scroll, don’t speak, don’t even meditate.

Just be aware that your body isn’t moving.

This is when healing happens.

Another way to combat the side effects of enlightenment caused by a full moon is to make a point of nourishing yourself so that you have the strength to stay on top of things.

Focus on incorporating fresh, raw, vegetarian ingredients into your diet over this time.

Environment concept. Handshake between human hand and tree.

Be at one with nature

There is nothing more calming than the natural world and at a time when our emotions are running wild, stopping for a minute and enjoying the surroundings of a natural space will be nothing but positive. 

Stare at the moon, go on a walk or go for a swim at a time where bodies of water are at their peak energy.

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