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St. Patrick’s Day Treasure Adventure with Crafts

Part of me is Irish, my husband is a little more Irish and so when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day we celebrate who we are with a little fun that goes a long way when it comes to the kiddos and the holiday.  

It’s up to you where you hide the clues for this Treasure Adventure. We celebrate with each clue leading to a creation station where children can transform their imagination into all things Irish; really thought, it’s up to you!

Links lead to a craft or idea to use for that clue. Whether you use it simply as a Scavenger Hunt or pick and choose the crafts you do, there’s something for everyone in this celebration!

  • Blarney Stone: Kiss me and maybe you’ll be as lucky as we!
  • Shamrock: Small, lush, four-leaf, and green, pick me and make a wish for your favorite team.
  • Pot of Gold: If you follow the rainbow, I’m what you’ll find, making you rich in mind.
  • Rainbow: In the midst of light rain, with sun shining through, I’ll make beautiful colors true.
  • Leprechaun: Small and green, with top hat on head, I’ll visit on St. Patty’s and spin some legendary Irish lore.
  • Irish Jig: A little dance to keep the cheer of the day. Once you have figured it out, dance your way to the next clue.
  • Green: I rhyme with bean and mark the annual day. No matter if a button, flower, balloon, or flag in the parade, I am the color to wear today!
  • Top Hat: Standing tall and black atop your head, I bring a funny look to your stead.
  • Ireland: Where it all began on the Emerald Isle.


Enjoy the Treasure Adventure.


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