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Sound Asleep Curtains: Sleep Like It’s Meant to Be Review

Sound Asleep curtains are improving our relationship with our neighbor. Our neighbor is a jerk. I’m not kidding. He drives this big diesel truck. This wouldn’t be bad, except he thinks the whole neighborhood wants to know his arrival and departure. He has added a fiberglass kit to his muffler, so it’s L-O-U-D. If this isn’t bad enough, he has a garage, but he drags his electric table saw to the edge of his driveway and cuts wood (a lot of wood) at 10:30 at night. Did I mention his driveway where the shenanigans of his truck and table saw take place is right outside our master bedroom window? Yup!

It should also be noted that our windows are one year shy of being “antique.” They are the house’s original 1977 glass. They are thin! So not only can we hear everything outside, but it gets cold in our room. My husband hates blankets; I get cold. It’s a night of constant tossing and turning with him trying to get out from under the covers and me trying to get inside of them.

Sleep deprivation makes for a mean mom and a grumpy dad. We’d be in a slumber only to be jolted awake by the events in the neighbor’s driveway. Then we received Sound Asleep Room Darkening Curtains.

Obviously light is a factor when it comes to sleep. I know of very few adult people who sleep with the light on. I also know from working graveyards for years that light controls the body’s clock. Naturally, we hang curtains.

Our Sound Asleep Curtains

Our Sound Asleep Curtains–I need to get out the steam iron!

Guess what? We had the wrong curtains all along in our room. Sound Asleep curtains were hung. They are lovely. The “pretty” side of ours is a sage green and matches our room well. The opposite side is a white “foam.” I was surprised by how thin the curtains were. I thought they were too thin to block much of anything.

I was wrong.

The first night we closed the curtains and climbed into bed. We laid there. After a few minutes, my husband said, “It is so dark in here it’s like laying in a coffin.”

It was dark.

We fell asleep and slept all through the night.

I awoke saying, “I don’t think our neighbor came home last night.”

We looked out the window, and the truck was there.

Sound Asleep Curtains

Sound Asleep Curtains by Day

The next night before bed my husband took a thermometer and put it 12″ from the window on the floor. The curtains were pulled back (daytime fashion). After 30-minutes he closed the curtains and left the thermometer as it was. Thirty minutes later there was a 4.3-degree difference. Our room was warmer.

One week later, well rested, we ordered a pair of blue Sound Asleep Room Darkening Curtains for Li’l Man’s room. He is below our room, and it is cold and next to the neighbor’s driveway.

The difference Sound Asleep makes is amazing. We still here our neighbor but instead of sounding like thunder, he’s a tiny rumble. Snow has come and gone, and frost has been on the outside of our windows, but we have remained warm and toasty. We’ve been able to turn our heater down, take off a blanket and rest comfortably.

Sleep is too important to forfeit.

Our neighbor continues to do his thing, but our relationship is improving. We just close the Sound Asleep curtains!

Here are some useful sleeping tips:

  1. Set and stick to a sleep schedule.
  2. Exercise regularly. Avoid vigorous exercise close to bedtime, if you’re having problems sleeping.
  3. Establish a relaxing bedtime routine. Allow enough time to wind down and relax before going to bed.
  4. Create a cool, comfortable sleeping environment free of distractions.

Sound Asleep Room Darkening Curtains come in a variety of colors and sizes to match any bedroom decor. That “foam” I mentioned earlier is  Thermaback technology to provide darkness, reduce outside noises and reduce heating and air conditioning costs.

You can visit to see how you can get a better night’s sleep every night.

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