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10 Mishaps That Could Ruin Your Solo Vacation (Hint: Plan for These)

Are you about to embark on a solo vacation? Make sure to learn about these travel scams, dangers, and mishaps, so your trip isn’t ruined!

According to Travel Zoo, about half of all people have enjoyed a solo travel experience at least once.

Not only that, but more people than ever before are embracing the idea of solo travel.

Traveling is an amazing way to get out of a rut and see the world.

One of the biggest things keeping people from making good on their intentions to travel the world is how unknown it can feel.

Traveling has its own collection of complexities that can set you up for failure if you’re not adequately prepared.

Follow these ten tips for solo vacation travel to make the most out of your trips!

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Ignoring Cultural Differences

One of the best things about travel is exposing you to different cultures.

We often don’t realize which parts of our own way of living are unusual until we see how much of the world lives differently.

Unfortunately, travel exposes us to cultural differences by planting us in the middle of an unfamiliar culture with little preparation.

Solo travel can especially lead to daunting cultural adaptation since no one from your home can experience it with you.

One of the reasons that cultural differences can cause problems for travelers is because it makes them stand out.

Some countries have plentiful travel scams that take advantage of visitors’ ignorance.

Make sure you do a little research on vacation scams before you land in your vacation destination.

Ripoffs can ruin the whole mood of what could otherwise be an incredible trip!

Giving Out Personal Information

Giving out too much personal information is a great way to facilitate a scam.

It’s best to be polite and agreeable with locals, but not to give them any information that might allow them to take advantage of you.

Your address, in particular, can let potential thieves right into your room where they can take your belongings.

On the other hand, some people probably already know where you’re staying.

Letting slip your plans in too much detail can let them know when you’ll be away, and when your belongings will be unguarded.

There are all kinds of tricks that scammers have developed over decades of development.

It’s too difficult to try to see through every possible trap, so it’s safer just to keep your cards close to your chest.

Focusing Too Much On Social Experiences

Making new friends is one of the best parts of travel.

You meet some friendly locals and enjoy their company as they show you all the best places around town.

On the other hand, you can easily find your entire schedule filled up with activities chosen by other people.

One thing about locals is that they’re already used to the unique beauty of their country.

They may not take the time to show you things about their city that they consider commonplace.

Whatever your trip schedule, make sure to set some time aside for quiet time and exploration.

Let your curiosity guide you throughout the city and enjoy the beautiful scenery with a relaxing book.

Having Unreasonably High Expectations

Some people think that travel is an almost spiritual experience.

Like many things, travel can be heavenly, but it’s certainly not that way all the time.

Your experiences with new sights and activities will bring you a lot of enjoyment, and give you memories you can keep forever.

Don’t under-appreciate these benefits by waiting for some kind of enlightenment to fall in your lap.

Overscheduling a Part or All of Your Trip

A ruined vacation can come not just from missing out on things, but from trying to pack too much stuff into too small of a time.

You’ll never be able to see all the wonders of a new place on a short trip, so don’t try to!

Enjoy what you can, and when the opportunity arises, revisit your favorite places to enjoy the rest of what they have to offer.

Neglecting Safety Concerns

Depending on where you’re going, you’ll need to take greater or fewer safety preparations.

However, no matter where you go, be responsible and follow the guidelines provided by hotels and the government.

Try to avoid drinking to intoxication in places you’re unfamiliar with.

Right along with safety comes comfort concerns.

If you get a bad sunburn or chafe too much on a hike or bike ride, you’ll have to put off days of similar activities while your body recovers.

It’s far better to prepare with some good sunscreen and have a plan for how to prevent chaffing–perhaps

Not Preparing Adequately for Unexpected Situations

Some of the problems that travelers face are predictable.

This makes it easy to prepare for them.

Of course, it’s always easier not to prepare, and so many travelers neglect to.

Make sure you have some cash if your cards don’t work.

You don’t want too much money on your person, though.

It can help to have multiple cards you can use and a system like Paypal you can turn to if something goes wrong.

Make sure your bank knows you’ll be out of the country, so they don’t shut off your cards.

Keep your wallet in your front pocket to discourage pickpocketing.

Make sure you know what medicines, sunscreen, or mosquito netting you’ll need for any relevant health dangers.

Staying at the Wrong Place

Don’t pick the place you’ll stay by chance.

Make sure to look into ratings and reviews to make sure that there are no glaring issues with your room.

The worst places to go could be uncomfortable or dirty, which can ruin your vacation.

Packing Too Much

You’re going to have to carry your luggage everywhere you go.

Over days or weeks of traveling, extra weight can turn into a major burden.

Figure out what you really need to bring, and plan to buy what you need on-site to decrease your luggage weight.

Ignoring Help from Locals and Others

Trustworthy locals are the best way to figure out how to navigate the routines of your vacation location.

Make a quick friend or find a staff person at a trustworthy hotel to answer any questions you might have.

Unanswered questions can build up over time and lead to completely avoidable inconveniences.

Get the Most Out of Your Solo Vacation

Don’t let the lack of a travel partner stop you from exploring the world ever again.

We hope you learned some helpful tips about solo vacation life in this piece!

To learn more about lifestyle and family living, check out our other blog posts.

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