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Sew Quick, Sew Cute: 30 Simply, Speedy Projects

I have spent many hours at my sewing machine. Sewing Halloween Costumes, boutique outfits for my girls, baby blankets for a friend, a quilt for my bed and classroom, and party favors. There is so much possibility at a sewing machine.
Did you know that sewing machine sales amounted to $3 million in 2012, up from $1.5 million a decade ago (The New York Times)
Growing up I spent many lazy weekends visiting with my mother as she sewed. It was magical to watch it all come together and for this flat piece of textile to transform into a quilt or outfit.
Of my siblings, I have the least sewing skills. My sisters are amazing. They have sewn curtains, backpacks, pillows, and more. The Beauty Queen feels right at home with her sewing machine at 11 years old.
Sew Quick, Sew Cute by Fiona Goble
Sewing something useful and cute, like a cup cozy or tablet case doesn’t have to take ages.
With Sew Quick, Sew Cute: 30 Simple, Speedy Projects by Fiona Goble (Adams Media, February 2014), sewers of every level can tackle beautiful projects worthy of showing off or even gifting to friends and family. The best part — all can be completed in less than a weekend or less!
At the start of each project, there’s information on just how long it’s expected to take. Projects range from personal items like tote bags or sandals to children’s items like sensory play mat or baby shoes.
From floor pillows to a child’s play mat, 30 charming sewing projects can all be completed in as little as an hour or extending over a weekend.
I love that this book includes gorgeous pattern templates that readers can copy and size to their needs—sew conveniently!
The instructions are step-by-step illustrations and easy-to-understand instructions and simple enough for even beginners.
It’s a great book complete with full-color photographs of the finished projects and unique pattern templates that inspire anyone to create adorable crafts.

You will be amazed at what you can make in just an hour or day’s time—and how good it looks!

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