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Back To School for the Morrisons

In March, we moved. We elected to keep the children in the school they were in, which was now closer to us, but not within our boundaries. There were three months left, and it served no purpose to pull them from their comfort zone.

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Then summer came, and we had to make the decision on which school our children would attend–the one within our boundaries or the one they are most familiar with and have established friendships. It was no easy decision. My husband and I tossed back and forth the pros and cons of each. One school is nearly thirty years more modern; both are equal distance from us. We compared test scores, student/teacher ratios, and more. In the end, we elected to apply for a pass to attend the same school. Old habits die hard.

Last Tuesday, we registered. The children discovered the much-anticipated answer to “Who will be my teacher?” Li’l Man will begin Kindergarten and is so fortunate to have the same teacher The Divine Miss M had in Kindergarten. She is a fantastic teacher. When we first met her, she was quiet, almost shy. She is soft-spoken. As the year progressed, she maintained her quiet self-spoken manner and impressed us with the progress she was making with The Divine Miss M.

I had hoped Li’l Man would get all-day Kindergarten. He is busy at home and really wants to learn everything. He is working on reading and loves math. He will be in the morning session in Kindergarten.

This is a memorable year for us. My baby is going to school. He is excited about starting, thrilled about his teacher–there’s familiarity here. He also knew his way around the school like the back of his hand, thanks to my tenure as PTA President two years ago.

In addition to this milestone, Zac will be starting college. He has chosen to study photography and is excited about this new journey in his life.

It’s these memories that we are eager to share with our extended family, all of who live beyond our state’s borders. Tiny prints has unique cards for students, teachers, and kiddos to send, give, share, along with some incredible gifts. Visit Tiny Prints for some fun back-to-school shopping.

*This post is brought to you by Tiny Prints and Global Influence. I will be compensated for this post.
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