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Space Bag Review

Clean, Compact, Convenient!
We live in the desert–our summer is HOT and our winter is COLD. To compensate we have a lot of blankets that are cumbersome once summer shines! My linen closet never sees it coming and by fall, you can tell. It’s like a fabric mill exploded behind the closed door.
Then we had the opportunity to review Space Bags and, what can I say, some things are just destined to be love! We’re talking a duvet cover, four quilts, a Shriner wool blanket, and three sets of flannel sheets compressed to take up less room than one of the quilts.
All me to show you just how easy and fun the Space Bag is.
One day I went out to my oldest son’s vehicle. I opened the door and this is what my eyeballs encountered.
Just for the record, I’d like to say, “No. He is NOT homeless!” He is a young and traveling man on the journey to discover where life leads him.
As his mom, I felt it necessary to help him. I hauled in the giant garbage bag of clothing and coats and told my littlest folk that their job was to help Big Brother get organized. I helped them fold the clothes.
Then they got down to business. Each armed with a travel-sized Space Bag, the teamwork was set to action.
space bag
Here’s how easy it is to utilize the Space Bag. My four and six year old demonstrates here:
Inside that Space Bag are nine dress shirts, a suit jacket, two pairs of dress pants and a beanie.
Then it was on to the next Space Bag.
This time the contents are a Cattle Rancher Style quilted coat, one dress shirt we overlooked previously and a sweatshirt.
Now check out the Travelin’ Man’s mode of transportation!


I LOVE Space Bag. It has given me far more room in our closets and allowed me to put away things in the garage that before required ginormous boxes. My kiddos love that they can participate and I love that Space Bag makes the chore fun.

From the Space Bag website:

Available in a variety of sizes to address any storage or organizational need, Space Bag Storage Packs’ unique shapes allow you to store them almost anywhere — under beds, in drawers, shelves, attics and even garages. They can effectively triple your storage space as they shrink down into flat, stackable packs.

•Medium – Holds five to six sweaters.
•Large — Holds 10 to 12 sweaters.
•Extra Large – Holds up to one queen-size bedding set and two standard-size pillows.
•Jumbo – Holds up to two queen-size bedding sets and four standard-size pillows.

All Space Bag products are airtight, waterproof and reusable. They also protect against bugs, moths, dirt, mildew and odors.

It’s impressive just how much fits in a bag and then watching it shrink.

And right now, The Clean That Closet Challenge is active through Space Bag’s online community, Space Savers, which encourages anyone with a messy closet in need of a little organization to enter this makeover challenge. The winnings are big, with the first 100 applicants winning Space Bag products and one grand-prize winner receiving a private consultation with a professional organizer, a $1,000 gift card to Bed, Bath & Beyond, and enough Space Bag products to organize their entire home! There’s still time for you to be among their first 100 entrants and win free Space Bag products just for entering the contest!

Next time you’re out and about stop by Bed, Bath and Beyond and bring home Space Bags. They’ll transform your closet, make winterizing effortless and provide productive entertainment!

I was sent the product mentioned in this review as compensation for this post. No other compensation was received. The opnions are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experience may vary.

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