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Rap Music and The Bus Stop

Bus Stop Behavior
This morning was typical. Bickering children.
A five outfit Try-on before we discovered we just wanted to wear the tee-shirt we laid out last night.
I was a short-order cook for breakfast–finally getting everyone to agree we were having eggs.
My four-year-old, who was opposed to the egg thing asked if he could have his eggs mixed with pancake batter.
Then it was time to head to the bus stop. It’s not a long walk.
I enjoy it actually.
Time to just visit–recite our calendar, vowels and talk about what we’re hoping for this beautiful day.
We get to the bus stop and a red car drops off a child and then pulls against the curb.
The windows are down and rap lyrics are booming through the air.
I wait to see if perhaps she is waiting for her child to fall into the line of children forming.
The child tries to blend in with the others and the mom and red car still release rap.
I approach the red car and ask the mom sitting in her car if perhaps “you might turn that down; it’s really not appropriate for this age of children.”
She screams at me to mind my own business and turns it up even louder.
I can only stand amazed that this mom thinks the lyrics “You M*F’er. Put the F*ing thing down” is bus stop worthy.
I’m glad I’m not the Playground Duty today!


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