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Post-it Note Spelling

Make spelling fun with Post-It Note Spelling challenges. 

Remember last year when The Divine Miss M was selected to participate in her school’s Spelling Bee? 

Well, this year, she wants to represent her class/grade again.

She’s busy practicing her spelling words each week.

One of her favorite ways is with Post-It Note Spelling.

Post-It Note Spelling is a fun way for children to learn to spell.

We use a spelling list, but you can do this for any word.

Make spelling fun with Post-It Note Spelling challenges. #postitnotespelling #spelling #learningfun

Each week, her teacher sends home a list of spelling words.


While she is at school, I write the letter of each word on a separate Post-It Note.

I post them on her bedroom wall when I have completed the list. (Note: The super sticky work best!)

I then make one post-it note for each letter in every word and mix them up on the wall.

When it’s time to practice spelling, she is challenged to spell her spelling words using the Post-It Note letters.

post-it note brand spelling on the wall


One by one, she moves the letters to rows to spell the Spelling Words of the Week.


post it not spelling

Spaces can be left for letters that are still to be found.

Some of the games we play with Post-It Notes Spelling during the week:

1.) Create the words from the Spelling List

2.) Create a sentence using the spelling words.

3.) Make a crossword puzzle–see how many words can be connected

4.) Speed challenge…how fast can the spelling list be compiled? Can the time beat?

5.) Can you spell every member of your family’s name?

6.) How many words can you spell in 5 minutes?

7.) What is the longest word?

8.) What’s the shortest word?

9.) Make your spelling words appear in alphabetical order?

10.) How many vowels are in the word _____? How many consonants?

What makes homework less of a chore at your house?


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