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Pet-Friendly Carpet: How to Keep Your Carpet Clean When You Live with Pets

Worried your pets will ruin your new carpet? For some pet lovers, keeping their pets happy and their carpets clean might seem like a dream. If you find yourself struggling to choose between a stylish home and your pets’ happiness, we’re here to help!

Read on to learn how to keep your pets happy with a pet-friendly carpet!

Pet-Friendly Carpet: How to Keep Your Carpet Clean When You Live with Pets

Pet-Friendly Carpet: How to Keep Your Carpet Clean When You Live with Pets

Buy a Pet Friendly Carpet

When browsing for new carpets, opt for materials that are water-resistant and easy to clean. The fabric of your new carpet should be non-absorbent and relatively rough.

Fluffy carpets capture moisture and pet hair, making them difficult to clean. Spill-resistant carpets will help you clean not only your pet’s hair and pee but also that cup of coffee your dog might knock over and spill on the carpet!

Pet friendly carpets are also easy to clean with spray carpet cleaners, which you can use on the spot the moment your carpet gets stained. Many stains are notoriously hard to clean if you let them dry, so you should act quickly if your pet has an accident on your carpet.

Funny Dog and Its Dirty Trails on Carpet

Enlist Professional Help

If spray carpet cleaner doesn’t cut it, you should always have the phone of Carpet Cleaning Services handy. A professional carpet cleaner will dispatch a team of specialists to clean all your carpets in a matter of hours.

In addition to professional cleaning services, you can also rent professional carpet cleaning equipment one day each month to keep your carpets in tip-top shape. Carpet cleaning equipment includes carpet shampooers, specialist vacuum cleaners, and steam cleaners.

Pet Grooming

According to the American Kennel Club, several pet grooming practices will keep your pet happier and your carpets cleaner.

Some of the most important tips include:

  • Make sure your dog’s paws are clean and dry when he comes inside
  • Brush your pet’s fur to remove excess hair
  • Never feed your pet on the carpet
  • Teach your pet not to be messy on the carpet
  • Be quick to clean up spills before they dry

Cavelier King Charles Spaniel Dog Lying on the Carpet

Hypoallergenic Pet Breeds

Finally, you could opt for a hypoallergenic pet breed when choosing a new pet. These pets generally are not as furry as your average cat or dog and don’t shed as much hair. You’d still have to deal with spills and toilet accidents, but hair won’t be a problem anymore.

If a loved one suffers from allergies, this might be the best approach since dog and cat hair tends to get captured inside the fibers of a carpet, even after it’s been cleaned.

Finding the Perfect Balance

As we’ve seen above, there is no reason to punish your pets for being furry, or having to settle for a messy home.

Now you know the right grooming habits, a pet friendly carpet, and perhaps the occasional help from a professional cleaner can allow you to enjoy your pets on a clean carpet. Don’t hesitate to contact a local cleaner if things to out of hand, and get ready to enjoy the amazing combo of a clean carpet and happy pets!

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