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Parenting: The Selfless Act

Crossing the Finish Line

When I was sixteen, I discovered what it was to love someone. To see them at their rawest moment and still see the beauty of their life. It’s been twenty five years since that lesson and I still, to this day, love that person. As I have grown older, I have realized how many lessons a single person has taught me. At the time, I thought I was saving him–turns out, in retrospect, he was saving me.

Our friendship was interrupted and now, though we still live the same distance from one another as we did back then, our lives have become committed to others. I’m the mom to many, he is the single dad to one.

Last year, this dad to one took home the Utah State Championship in Modified Racing. He appeared on the cover of two high-profile racing magazines, Speedway Illustrated (December 2009) and Dirt Modified (March 2010).

Then he retired from racing. He had 77 races, three wins, 23 Top Fives and 40 Top Ten placings.

It was a selfless act. His son wanted to race.

Between April and this past weekend, these two men traveled to more than 30 races between three states. There were fender benders and exhaustion. On September 18, Wyatt won his first race at Diamond Mountain Speedway in Vernal, Utah.

Now it has been announced, the son, Wyatt, has fallen in his father’s racetracks. The title of Utah Champion will be passed from the hands of father to son.

Wyatt is a fourteen-year-old young man. He’s great kiddo. He promoted safe driving and Zero Fatalities at every race with his car. He crossed the finish line a good sport, regardless of his placing.

His father is an amazing man.

Wyatt is on his way to having THAT title passed on to him as well.

Congratulations, Wyatt! I’m proud of you!

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