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Nutrisystem: The Journey of a Hero Week One

Nutrisystem. One week.

Here we are. One week into the Journey of a Hero. Sometimes our expectations are greater than what can truly ever be realized.

Week one found me on The ROAD of TRIALS. I started on Sunday and was so gung-ho. I logged everything twice! Once in the Nutrisystem Success! Daily Journal and once on a food app. Accountability.

I ate.

Oh, boy did I eat. I stuck to the plan and could not believe how much food there was to eat and it was all delicious!

I started the morning with a double chocolate muffin, heated just til tempting in the microwave. A rich and decadent creamy chocolate protein drink accompanied the muffin.

I drank water.

I drank more water.

And two days I met the challenge of the Daily 3 by walking with the dog and the kiddos!

But there were trials, tests, ordeals that I suppose I had to undergo in order to begin the transformation.

At five o’clock, in spite of my tummy being so full, I have to fight the urge to just start the munch fest. It’s not that I’m craving anything, or that I am hungry, I just want to comfort myself with food. I fought it and reminded myself that I was doing something great.

Monday I stayed strong. I was eager to way and I found my morning was filled with energy right out of bed.

By Tuesday my body was purging the toxins of all the crap I’ve shoved into it these past months. My feet and legs were swollen.Small breakouts appeared on my arms and legs. Nothing awful, just small reminders as to what I have done to myself.

Tuesday there were some failures. I found it a struggle to drink water. It just didn’t appeal to me. I managed to get in my two Nutrisystem bottles of water (64 oz.), however, it was small compared to what I had so easily drank Sunday and Monday.

Tuesday was also the day that the kiddos wanted to make donuts. I obliged. Chocolate is like kryptonite to my willpower. The first round of six went well, but the second batch, I tasted. I caught myself. Then the donuts were all made and I couldn’t resist. I ate three! Shameful!

And then came the ultimate test. Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday Grandma and I headed to Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Thankfully it was very controlled portions of finger foods. I tried one of each and stayed strong.

That evening my bestie, Angie, and I went to the City Creek Gala Charity Event. There was food everywhere. I tried to stay true, but by the time we got to the third food stand, I was wimpy. I indulged. I also walked for two hours so I didn’t beat myself up.

Thursday I took my dad to the hospital for tests. I made sure to eat before leaving the house…thankfully Nutrisystem is great for on the go! I was a ball of stress, and even when I took Li’l Man down to the cafeteria to get him some food before school, I stayed true to myself.

While I wasn’t a Nutrisystem Nazi this week, I feel victorious. I battled through some tough moments and found my inner strength to walk the journey of a hero.

My reward?

How about 3.4 pounds less to carry around!

I am so excited to see what week 2 brings with it!

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