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Nix for the Treatment of Lice

This is the story about lice. There is nothing pretty about it.

When I was thirteen we moved from Utah to rural Appalachia.

Here is a picture of my siblings and me around the time of this story:


My siblings and me

So, let’s set the story up. My baby sister is a sweetheart. She always has been very loving and kind. She makes friends easily. She started Kindergarten the year we moved.

My parents worked fairs when I was growing up. This required them to travel. This particular story takes place while they were working one weekend. The person in charge of us was Grandma Fran.

Grandma Fran

Grandma Fran

Grandma Fran loved us, however, she made it very clear she didn’t care much for children. She entertained us. On one occasion, she looked after us and took us for a ride in her Camaro. My younger sister saw a squirrel crossing the road and yelled, “Stop!” Grandma Fran slammed on the brakes and said, “Good Heavens, Child! What is it?” When my sister pointed out that the squirrel was in the road, Grandma Fran stated, “While I appreciate your love for animals, it isn’t possible to stop for everyone.”

So Mom and Dad are out of town. We’re with Grandma Fran for the weekend. She picked us up from school in her Camaro, and we headed into town to Grandma Fran’s house.

Somewhere along the way–I can’t recall if it took place in the car, or once we settled at Grandma’s, my baby sister handed Grandma Fran a note that we should all be treated for head lice. I can still see Grandma Fran’s face at this news.

She looked at us, and we got down to business.

The woman was a saint! Here is a close-up of my younger sister–check out her hair:


Grandma Fran treated us all with the lice shampoo and then very lovingly combed our THICK LONG hair with the comb. She didn’t complain–though she did continue to comment on how much hair my sisters and I had!

It was the only time we were ever treated for lice. This is not to say we had lice, just that we needed to take preventative measures.

As the PTA President, part of my duties was to help inspect the students for lice. It was not a fun gig. In the rare instances that a child needed to be treated, we recommended Nix. It’s the number one pharmacist-recommended treatment for the removal and prevention of head lice. It works fast to kill lice and their eggs and prevent re-infestation up to 14-days, longer than any other lice treatment.

Nix is completely safe and approved by the FDA for children over two months of age.

It also works with a single application.



Nix for lice

The Nix website is a great resource on head lice. From what they are, myths, and how to effectively treat head lice. I learned a lot from one visit.

*I received a Nix kit in exchange for this post. Opinions, where expressed are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Other experiences may vary.
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