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My Mother’s Best Advice

Spring is here and in addition to Easter it’s a time to celebrate mothers. I was your typical teenager and disliked my parents. This is not to say I didn’t make the best of time engaging in Gin Rummy where I had to earn the win and quilting and sewing with my mom.

My introduction to being a mother was a colic baby that thankfully was adorable. He transformed into a cuddly toddler and sprouted up into a child. It was in this adventure as a mom that my mother gave me the best advice about parenting…I was wearing myself out trying to protect this child and making myself a nut as I hovered. In communicating my daily ritual, which sounded more like a safety meeting than the life of a balanced mother, my mom said, “The first one lives through everything.”

That advice changed my life. It wasn’t that it was a ticket to leave out the chemicals or feed him less than nourishing choices. It was about allowing him to explore, to discover and to develop. It was about stepping back and determining what was healthy for him (and me) and understanding that it is okay.

Then my second child arrived and he was far more curious and busy than any other child I had encountered, always sporting a black eye or band-aid from his trial and error. It was then, in my exhausted voice, I had to ask my mom, “How about the second? Are you sure they live through everything?”

Mom’s advice allowed me and my children freedom. I still incorporate it today when we are at the park and my husband is overly involved…”Let them figure it out.” I say…and they always do!

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