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My First Graduate A Milestone for Mom

My first graduate.

On May 28, my oldest, Jake, graduated from High School.

It was a day packed with emotion.

I was overwhelmed with joy.

I mean, those first few minutes I held him 18 years ago, high school graduation was something I wanted for him.

As I’ve experienced motherhood, I’m not sure why I needed to dream it, there really was no other option.

mom with son graduating high school

So we have it, a highlight in his life.

He says it was “a cakewalk”.

He has always been brilliant.

He just never applied himself whole-heartedly.

He certainly isn’t an over-achiever.

None the less, I’m proud of him.

I’m also scared.

I hope he listened to all my “rants”.

I hope he took heed of my “mistakes”.

I hope he understood the “lessons” he was supposed to learn.

I hope he will make choices that will help him grow and become the man I know he is capable of becoming.

He’ll start college in the fall.

He wants to be a rockstar!

It’s a moment to remember–my first graduate.

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