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The Right Frame of Mind: 4 Psychological Obstacles to Overcome When Migrating to a New Region

It can often feel like a positive step when you decide to make a major change in your life and migrate to a completely new area but it is not a decision you often take lightly and there are bound to be psychological as well as geographical borders to cross.

Using someone like Matco to help you move is just one part of the equation and more of a challenge will be the need to get your mind settled on all the positives attached to starting a new chapter in your life.

Here is a look at some of the psychological issues that you will probably have to contend with when you move to a new area.

The Right Frame of Mind: 4 Psychological Obstacles to Overcome When Migrating to a New Region

4 Psychological Obstacles to Overcome When Migrating to a New Region

Feelings of anxiety and doubt

It is perfectly normal to have a few second thoughts about whether you have done the right thing by moving to somewhere completely new.

Leaving your job, leaving family and friends behind, and leaving your home for another are all major steps and it is perfectly understandable that you experience feelings of anxiety and doubt.

Taking yourself out of the familiar territory and outside of your comfort zone is going to induce a physical and emotional response (Forbes). You might feel like your stomach has twisted itself in knots and your mind will probably be filled with anxious thoughts and even feelings of mild terror.

It takes time to settle in after such a major upheaval in your life, but these feelings of anxiety and self-doubt start to disappear as you settle into a new life and some new adventures.

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Why do you feel unhappy?

It might well be a very positive reason why you have moved, such as taking up an exciting career opportunity, but it can often be the case that despite the positive aspects of your move you feel unhappy at first.

What tends to happen is that moving creates the right sort of conditions that induce feelings of happiness.

Moving away from friends and family, unfamiliar surroundings, and a lack of social activity while you settle in are some key reasons why you might feel a bit low.

Again, these feelings of unhappiness often soon dissipate as you start to make new connections and learn to appreciate your new surroundings.

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Physical stress

Something that is not always taken into consideration is the physical strain you experience when moving, which can impact on your mental health as well.

Moving requires a fair amount of physical effort, and feeling so tired can make you emotionally vulnerable.

As you recharge your batteries and recover, it should also boost your emotional well-being at the same time.

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Feelings of regret

If you find yourself thinking that you have made a massive mistake and regret making the move you would definitely not be the first person to experience those feelings.

There are bound to be aspects of your old life that you miss and you may well have second thoughts as to whether you have done the right thing.

Remember, a certain amount of regret is to be expected and what you need to appreciate is that experiencing some feelings of regret is perfectly normal and shouldn’t be interpreted as an indication that you have made a mistake by moving.

As long as you understand what to expect from an emotional perspective when you move to a new area, it should help you cope with the typical responses that many of us experience in these circumstances. Give it time to make your new city feel like home.

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