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The Miracle Ball Method for Pregnancy Review

There are days when my back is so tight I can barely move, but I’m the Mom and must go on.  My backache’s wingman is sore feet. I know I’m not alone. It all started with my last pregnancy, but it’s been years and so it is time to move on.  Then the solution arrived in my mailbox a month ago and I no longer assume pain is unavoidable. Meet The Miracle Ball Method!

the Miracle Ball for Pregnancy

Don’t let the name fool you, The Miracle Ball Method For Pregnancy by Elaine Petrone, and published by Workman Publishing may have been designed for pregnant women, however, its the ability to realign, reshape and relax muscles is worthy of anyone. It does not really exercise. It works by simply resting on the two small, four-inch vinyl balls and breathing. It takes just five minutes a day but once started, the feeling will be one that wants to continue!

The Miracle Balls come with a book that gives instruction on ways to stretch and realign the body without a chiropractor or even great effort. One of my favorite things is these two balls are diverse enough to work the entire body from feet to neck and everything in between.

I read through the book first and thought it looked easy enough. Then I started. By simply placing one or both of the balls under you and laying on top of them, the muscles stretch. Take some deep breaths and discover the benefits.

The book also gives you a couple of good ideas of where to start searching for the problem areas. The balls, at four-inches, are the perfect size for a variety of stretches. I have stood on them, laid on them and my husband has used them for push-ups. They are durable.

I found The Miracle Balls to be far easier than Yoga and the daily stretching has alleviated my back and hip pain.

My husband was my guinea pig when he came home complaining his shoulder was hurting. It took a few trials and adjustments before he found the perfect positioning of the balls to relieve the tension.

I tried them initially for my hips and I could hear the popping as my back realigned itself. The next day I was sore, just like I would be from a chiropractic visit, but it was nothing like the pain prior to laying on the Miracle Balls. I now, use them every day and love watching TV while I massage my feet and calves with them at the end of the day.

My body has undergone some serious changes. Three children in three years in my late thirties did me in. I wince still when I think of the discomfort. I know The Miracle Ball Method for Pregnancy would have offered relief and made those months far more bearable.

Elaine Petrone, is the creator of the Miracle Ball Method, a million-copy bestseller. She is a former dancer who created the  Miracle Ball Method to heal herself after suffering a career-ending injury. The Miracle Ball Method for Pregnancy is her newest release and includes positions that are easy regardless of how far along you are in the pregnancy. It is low impact enough that I could have done it immediately following my C-Section even.

The Miracle Ball Method For Pregnancy is available directly from Workman Publishing.

 *I received The Miracle Ball Method for Pregnancy in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Other experiences may vary.
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