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Mabel’s Labels: Personalized Labels for Every Occasion

To facilitate an honest review, I received the Mabel’s Labels Baby Shower Label Set. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own and have not been influenced in any way by the sponsor. It’s important to note that individual experiences may vary.

Welcome to the world of Mabel’s Labels, where functionality meets adorable personalization! As new grandparents to the adorable Juniper, we’ve discovered the game-changing convenience of Mabel’s Labels. In this review, we’ll dive into the wonders of their Baby Shower Label pack and award-winning Daycare Label Pack, making organization a breeze for little ones and parents alike.

mabels labels baby shower pack

Our Mabel’s Labels Baby Shower Label Pack Review

Experience the joy of gifting with Mabel’s Labels Baby Shower Label Pack – a delightful set of 54 labels and 2 tags designed for the newest bundle of joy. From diaper bags to busy bags, this customizable and practical gift ensures that the little one’s essentials are stylishly labeled and easily recognizable.

“Discover the Ultimate Baby Shower Gift: Mabel’s Labels Baby Shower Label Set!”

Are you ready to impress friends and family with the perfect gift for celebrating a new bundle of joy? Look no further than Mabel’s Labels Baby Shower Label Set. This sweet and personalized gift is designed to make a lasting impression, providing all the name labels essential for the first year of your little one’s life. Fully customizable to match the style of the new parents, this thoughtful and practical present is destined to become one of the most useful gifts they’ll receive.

What’s Included in the Baby Shower Label Set:

  • 15 Large Rectangle Labels (2-3/4” x 5/8”)
  • 16 Small Rectangle Labels (1-1/2″ x 5/16″)
  • 2 Shoe Labels (1 pair, 1.3″)
  • 21 Tag Mates™ Stick On Clothing Labels (13/16″ x 3/8″)
  • 2 Personalized Plastic Bag Tags (2-1/8″ x 2-1/2″)

These durable, dishwasher-safe, and laundry-safe labels are more than just a thoughtful gesture; they are a new baby essential. 

mabel's labels assortment

Creative ways to use Mabel’s Labels in the nursery:

  1. Diaper Bag Organization: Label everything in the diaper bag, from sippy cups to snacks and even the baby’s hairbrush. Perfect for on-the-go parents who want to stay organized wherever they are.
  2. Nursery Essentials: Use the large and small rectangle labels to mark clothes, shoes, and blankets in the nursery. This ensures that everything stays in its place, making those busy mornings a breeze.
  3. Shoe Tags for Tiny Feet: The included shoe labels are perfect for labeling your little one’s shoes. No more mismatched pairs or confusion during playdates!
  4. Tag Mates for Clothing: Stick on the Tag Mates Clothing Labels to baby clothes to avoid mix-ups at daycare or playdates. These labels stay put even through washes.
  5. Personalized Plastic Bag Tags: Attach the bag tags to diaper bags or busy bags. These tags make it easy to identify your child’s belongings, whether at Grandma’s house or on a family outing.

Mabel’s Labels are not just stickers; they are a must-have organizational tool for every nursery. Stay stylish, stay organized, and make parenting a little bit easier with Mabel’s Labels – the ultimate baby label solution.

mabel's labels baby shower labels

Award-Winning Organization with Labels

Say goodbye to mix-ups and lost items with Mabel’s Labels’ award-winning labels. Recognized with the 2022 Mom’s Choice Award®, these waterproof, dishwasher-safe, and laundry-safe labels are perfect for labeling everything from baby bottles to clothes, keeping your little one’s belongings safe and sound.

Labeling Inspiration for Every Adventure

Explore creative labeling ideas with Mabel’s Labels! From diaper bags to suitcases, discover how these durable personalized labels and tags can add a touch of flair and functionality to your child’s belongings, ensuring nothing gets lost or misplaced.

Mabel’s Labels Story: From Basement Beginnings to Parental Pride

In 2003, Mabel’s Labels was born out of parental frustration with lost items. Founders Julie Cole, Julie Ellis, Cynthia Esp, and Tricia Mumby took matters into their own hands, creating the best personalized waterproof kids’ name labels and tags. From a humble basement in Hamilton, Ontario, Mabel’s Labels has evolved into an award-winning company, loved by parents and kids alike.

Mabel’s Labels – Keeping Kids’ Stuff Safe for Over 20 Years

It’s hard to believe Mabel’s Labels was created the same year MacKenzie was born. She grew up on Mabel’s Labels and now gets to share the fun as an Auntie to the next generation.

She loved Mabel’s Labels personalized tags, like this zipper tag.

I loved that it could grow with her from hoodie to hoodie.

mabel's labels zipper tag

She also loved the shoe labels. They were so easy to use and didn’t fade with wear.

Mabel's labels for shoes

For more than two decades, Mabel’s Labels has been a trusted companion for parents, providing labels for various life stages – from welcoming a new baby to sending them off to school, summer camp, and beyond. Their waterproof labels guarantee 100% satisfaction, ensuring kids’ belongings stay safe and sound.

Mabel’s Labels Aren’t Just for the Nursery or Kids!

Mabel’s Labels are versatile and perfect for various occasions. I’ve been using a set for years specifically to mark things my kids take to other homes, so they find their way back to me.

dragon fly mabel's labels

these are older and may not be available on Mabel’s Label’s website. Mabel’s Labels last forever!

Here are creative ways to use Mabel’s Labels outside the nursery:

  1. Potluck Parties:
    • Label your potluck dishes with Mabel’s Labels to avoid mix-ups. Stick labels on serving utensils, bowls, or containers to ensure everyone knows what dish belongs to whom. It adds a personal touch and prevents confusion during shared meals.
  2. Pool Bags and Gear:
    • Keep track of your pool bags and gear by using Mabel’s Labels. Label items such as towels, goggles, sunscreen, and even your bag itself. This ensures that your belongings are easily identifiable in a busy pool area, and you won’t accidentally grab someone else’s gear.
  3. Sports and Outdoor Activities:
    • Use Mabel’s Labels on water bottles, sports equipment, and gear for outdoor activities. Whether it’s a soccer game, hiking trip, or a day at the beach, personalized labels make it easy to identify your items and avoid mix-ups with others.
  4. Work and Office Supplies:
    • Bring organization to your workplace by labeling your office supplies. Stick labels on pens, notebooks, chargers, and other items to prevent them from disappearing in shared office spaces. It’s a simple way to personalize your workspace and keep track of your belongings.
  5. Camping and Travel:
    • Before heading out on a camping trip or vacation, label your camping gear, travel accessories, and luggage with Mabel’s Labels. This ensures that your items stand out, making it easy to identify your belongings and preventing them from getting lost in the shuffle.
  6. Backyard BBQs:
    • Use Mabel’s Labels to mark your grilling tools, picnic blankets, and outdoor dining essentials during backyard BBQs. Personalized labels not only add a fun touch but also help keep track of your items in a communal setting.
  7. School and Work Events:
    • Label items for school or work events, such as fundraisers, conferences, or team-building activities. From water bottles to laptops, Mabel’s Labels help you stand out and ensure your belongings return home with you.

Remember, Mabel’s Labels are not just for kids – they’re a practical and stylish solution for labeling and personalizing items in various aspects of your life!

Final Thoughts:

Discover the world of Mabel’s Labels, where style meets functionality. With their customizable and durable labels, parents can bid farewell to the days of lost items and mix-ups. Join the community that Mabel’s Labels has built over the years – a community that understands the importance of keeping kids’ stuff safe, one personalized label at a time.

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