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How Did That Get In My Lunchbox? Children’s Book Review

“How Did That Get In My Lunchbox?” is a delightful children’s book that explores the journey of food from its source to the lunchboxes of children. It is written by Chris Butterworth and illustrated by Lucia Gaggiotti. The book was published in 2011 and has since captured the hearts and imaginations of young readers.

The story follows a young boy named Charlie as he discovers the origins of the food items in his lunchbox. With each turn of the page, Charlie uncovers the fascinating process of how his food is grown, harvested, processed, and packaged before it finally reaches his lunchbox.

Through vivid and engaging illustrations, the book takes children on an educational adventure, showcasing the various stages involved in bringing food to the table. It explores topics such as farming, fishing, baking, and manufacturing. From the wheat fields where bread is made to the dairy farm where milk is sourced, Charlie learns about the different ingredients in his lunch and the hard work that goes into producing them.

How Did That Get In My Lunchbox?” aims to promote an understanding of where food comes from and to cultivate an appreciation for the efforts of farmers, fishermen, and other food producers. It emphasizes the importance of healthy eating and encourages children to make informed choices about the food they consume.

The book not only educates children about the origins of their meals but also sparks curiosity and encourages them to ask questions. It provides an excellent opportunity for parents, teachers, and caregivers to engage in discussions with children about nutrition, sustainability, and the interconnectedness of our food systems.

Overall, “How Did That Get In My Lunchbox?” is a captivating and informative children’s book that combines engaging storytelling with beautiful illustrations. It offers a valuable learning experience for young readers, teaching them about the journey of food and inspiring them to develop a deeper appreciation for the meals they enjoy every day.

Our How Did That Get In My Lunchbox? Children’s Book Review

Last year we planted a garden and it was a great experience for my children to learn about where food comes from before it makes it to our plates. They know the basics, like oranges growing on trees or pumpkins growing in a patch. They helped me make bread, so they know what’s involved there. The world of food just got a whole lot more interesting thanks to How Did That Get in My Lunchbox by Chris Butterworth. It has my children asking questions!

How did that get in my lunchbox the story of food

Take a journey with this book and learn about how bread is made., where cheese comes from with a challenge to put some on your tongue and feel it tingle!  There’s  a section on chocolate that had The Divine Miss M surprised!

While the book is geared for children ages 4-8, I confess I found it interesting as well. While I understood many foods’ processes, I loved Butterworth’s simplistic explanation. He starts with bread being a grain or cheese being dairy. It’s enough to have an understanding, and for my children, sparked many questions and had them analyzing their dinner!

Lucia Gaggiotti’s illustrations are wonderful. They remind me of cartoons from my childhood. My kiddos loved following along with the characters and I found the incorporation of text in the illustrations a nice touch in making the process seem to come to life.

The Divine Miss M is starting to learn about the food Pyramid and finds the ending of the book interesting. It shows what should be included in our diet as well as a simple diagram of how much in proportion to our plate. It was a far better approach than two of this or  “X” amount. She understands her plate.

Why Kids Will Love How Did That Get In My Lunchbox?

Kids will love “How Did That Get In My Lunchbox?” for several reasons:

  1. Engaging and relatable story: The book follows a young boy named Charlie, which makes it relatable and easy for children to connect with the protagonist. They can see themselves in Charlie’s shoes, imagining their own lunchboxes and the surprises that await inside.
  2. Curiosity and discovery: The book taps into children’s natural curiosity about the world around them. It introduces them to the process of food production in a fun and interactive way. As Charlie uncovers the origins of his lunch items, children get to learn along with him, making it an exciting journey of discovery.
  3. Colorful illustrations: The vibrant and detailed illustrations by Lucia Gaggiotti are visually appealing and capture the attention of young readers. The colorful visuals bring the story to life, making it visually stimulating and engaging.
  4. Interactive learning experience: “How Did That Get In My Lunchbox?” encourages children to ask questions and think critically about where their food comes from. The book provides opportunities for parents, teachers, and caregivers to have discussions with children about food production, nutrition, and sustainability. It promotes an interactive learning experience that fosters a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
  5. Promotes healthy eating: The book promotes the idea of healthy eating by showcasing the journey of fresh and nutritious food from farm to table. It highlights the importance of making healthy food choices and appreciating the efforts of farmers and food producers. It can inspire children to develop an interest in nutritious foods and understand the benefits of a balanced diet.
  6. Inspires appreciation: “How Did That Get In My Lunchbox?” instills a sense of appreciation in children for the hard work and dedication that goes into producing the food they eat. It helps them develop a greater understanding of the value of food and the people involved in its production. This appreciation can lead to a deeper connection with their meals and a sense of gratitude for the resources that go into making them.

Overall, “How Did That Get In My Lunchbox?” is a book that combines education, curiosity, and imagination. It engages children through relatable storytelling, beautiful illustrations, and a sense of wonder about the world of food. It encourages healthy eating habits, fosters appreciation, and sparks the joy of learning, making it an appealing choice for young readers.

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