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Loacker Minis Crisp Delicious Wafers Perfect for Entertaining

We received Loacker Mini Wafers in exchange for this post. All opinions and our love for wafer cookies remain our own.

Loacker Mini Wafers may be small in size but big on flavor. If you aren’t familiar with Loacker Minis, let me introduce you.

Each Loacker Minis consists of three light, crispy wafers and two layers of the smoothest cream filling made in chocolate, vanilla, or hazelnut nestled between four layers of crispy, light wafers. They are light and crisp, and in spite of their pint size they make a grand entrance and satisfy a sweet tooth.

loacker wafers

The Classic Minis, in their practical small size, are the perfect companion throughout the day, a big hit for all types of breaks.

Perhaps the packaging should come with the warning that these are addictive. They are so light and crisp and filled with flavor that it’s challenging to limit oneself.

The chocolate is rich, the vanilla is sweet, and the Italian hazelnut is my favorite!

The wafers offer a crunch. If you can resist, hold these wafers in your mouth and they seem to melt slowly. Regardless of your eating style, the extraordinary flavor is sure to be a taste experience.

Each Loacker Minis is one inch by one inch squared—the breakdown to 74 percent cream and 26 percent wafer. Consider the wafers only to keep your fingers from being covered in the 9% hazelnut creme, and add just a tad of crispiness to every cookie.

Loacker prides itself on having no artificial flavors or colors and no preservatives.

Loacker wafers are made in Austria, and Loacker company has been known for their wafers since 1925. Now they’re available here in the United States.

Let’s talk about the creme. There is no cream or milk (which is why it’s spelled creme rather than cream). What you will find is rich, lingering notes of flavor.

I like the minis because they are individually wrapped. The bag is resealable with a sticker if you purchase the regular size.

Caution when opening, there will be cookie dust.

Loackers are delicious snacks that would be perfect for entertaining, or in my case, binge-watching Outlander.

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