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5 Tips to Learn to Play the Bass

If you’re a beginner who wants to play bass or a guitarist who wants to switch, you must understand that bass has a different scale, tone, vibe, and effect. Even though it’s like a guitar with fewer strings, it’s actually very different. The best thing about it is that you don’t need a professional instructor to help you play bass; you can learn and practice the bass all on your own if you want to.

However, like anything else, learning to play bass needs discipline and consistency; once you start practicing every day, you will be able to see a dramatic improvement in no time. This article has collected tips from professional bass players and instructors that will help you learn to play the bass. 

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1.   Know Everything About It

A great way to start learning a new instrument is to satisfy the desire to know more about it. Make sure you begin researching professional bass players, listen to what they have to say about it, and go through their best work recommends Rolling Stone. This way, you can listen to different bass players and learn to differentiate between different techniques and bass sounds. Start by focusing on chord tunes and patterns and understanding the fact that it is made of individual notes. You need to make sure you mute the strings surrounding the note you’re playing. If you can master the art of playing clean notes, then you have succeeded in the first step in learning how to play bass. Remember, this may take a lot of time and effort, so be patient and easy on yourself. It’ll happen! 

2.   Read Tablature

Bass Tablature is a simple system that will help you master the art of playing bass guitar. You can learn how to read them by acquiring books magazines or looking them up online. If you already know how to read music notation, you understand the rhythm of the bass line you want to play. If you start reading tabs, you will be able to know where each note is played, suggests Merely Music. Therefore, it would be a faster and smoother process for you to master this instrument in no time. Tabs will even help you play bass even if you don’t know how to read chords. This way, you will be more confident and motivated to try and play the bass more often. 

One helpful tip from Killer Guitar Rigs is when learning tabs is also to learn how to find the key of a song. Learning what key a song is in will help you transition easily and quickly to learning scales and then apply that advanced knowledge to your own playing.

3.   Metronome

In any band, the bass serves as a bridge between the guitarist and the drummer, so make sure these are your two best friends and that you go along. As a bass player, you’re on their team, the band’s rhythm section, and therefore, you have to make sure that your time is synced with them and the song. A metronome will be able to help you become timelier and rhythm-driven. Remember to listen carefully and train your ears to recognize different tempos so you can get rid of the metronome. 

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4.   Take Care of the Details

Many factors contribute to how fast you learn to play the bass, says Music Radar. Factors like how to hold it? Where to place your fingers? How to control their transition to minimize distortion? And control the clarity of sound? Your posture plays a vital role in playing the bass, and therefore, you need to make sure you’re doing it right. Make sure you stretch and warm up before starting to practice, and of course, make sure you dedicate a specific time of your day to the bass. This is the only way your attempts to learn are going to become worthy and successful. Also, make sure you set small milestones for yourself daily; this way, you will not get frustrated too quickly. It all depends on how comfortable you are while playing. 

5.   Educate Yourself

There are multiple online sources for you to follow and learn how to play bass. Utilize the various free sources online, whether tutorials, YouTube, or free lessons. This way, as you learn about bass, you can enhance your playing skills and teach yourself to play.

Playing bass is more comfortable than playing guitar; it’s more original. If you’re one of the cool and funky monks, those who enjoy the grooves more than anything else, then maybe the bass is the perfect instrument for you to play. It’s an instrument that plays an essential part in the formation of any band, and learning it doesn’t make as much noise as the drums. Every professional bass player perceives the bass differently. They even play it in their twisted personalized methods. Therefore, make sure you allow yourself to add your personal touches while playing. Make sure the music reflects how you feel and understand the song, and get ready to think and play like a real bassist.

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