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Label Lighthouse Review

Label Lighthouse is ending Li’l Man’s laziness. It’s true. The kiddo, when done playing with something, just leaves it and walks away. Our backyard is scattered with toy shrapnel and the playroom a confetti of abandoned belongings. Ironically, when asked, “Whose is this?” No one comes forward. Here’s the beauty of Label Lighthouse. I can now SEE whose belonging it is…and you guessed it, Li’l Man’s name comes up a lot!
Label Lighthouse offers affordable Stickins Labels. They are a one label fits all from food containers to clothing. There is no sewing, no ironing, no hassle. Just peel and stick. 
One of the first things I noticed and loved about Label Lighthouse is its simplicity. There’s no favorite character or foo-foo design. It’s straight forward, white with text. The labels are approximately one inch by one inch and the font is easy to read, printed in black. They are set in rows of five and perforated for convenience. I love this because it doesn’t attract attention. It’s a subtle reminder of ownership, something Li’l Man needs.
I attached Label Lighthouse to Li’l Man’s most treasured toys, without him knowing. Sure enough into the backyard the toys were hauled…and left. When I called for clean-up and no one claimed them, I pointed to the sticker and said, “Li’l Man”. He can read his name and heaved a heavy sigh that he’d been “caught”.
I also attached the labels to his jacket for easy retrieval when we attend library events or are just out and about. I followed the directions and attached to the label inside and let sit for 24-hours prior to washing. It’s perfect! Even after being washed several times, the label is still adhered and legible.
The Stickens labels from have given some accountability to my five-year-old, helped me organize, and for just $24.95 the 60 labels can do the same for you. They even offer FREE shipping in Canada and the US.

This post was written for Family Review Network & Label Lighthouse who provided the complimentary product for review & giveaway in exchange for my honest opinions.”

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