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IRON Out Life’s Wrinkles with Rowenta Focus Review

We craft a lot at our house.

I”m fond of sewing from costumes to appliques. I am always in awe of what fabric can do. My husband says my addiction lies in fabric. I tend to agree. I love looking at fabric and touching fabric…dreaming of what it is destined to be.

Rowenta DW5080 Focus

One of the secrets to any sewing project is an iron. After sewing, ironing the seams open lays better and gives the entire piece a more polished look. Our choice in irons is the Rowenta Focus. It really makes ironing a breeze! It’s the perfect result every time.

I love the steam option. Steam makes ironing so much easier. With the soleplate on the Rowenta focus, the steam distribution is second to none. We’re talking 400 microholes! The steam arrives from the entire soleplate for better penetration making more efficient ironing. I like this option when I am getting ready to cut fabric. Ironing it first allows the pattern to lie flat and creates a more beautiful pattern piece when all is said and done. It’s also smart with the auto-steam feature continually adjusting the steam output the temperature of the soleplate. I can even use the vertical steam feature for my curtains… I love this!

Of course, heat is a critical element in ironing. I have scorched more clothing and fabric than I care to revisit. Some of this has been due to my own negligence, but there have been other times when I have been cautious, and iron hasn’t been accurate in temperature. I have yet to find a hot spot on the Rowenta focus. It has perfect heat and is spread evenly.

Glide is also something I love about ironing. With the Rowenta Focus, the soleplate is highly polished, making it feel like it’s floating on the fabric.

The settings for many fabrics are listed right on the iron, so there’s no guessing. It makes confidence soar whether the fabric is lightweight or heavy. There’s no guessing. It’s just perfect every time.

Rowenta Focus all the reasons you'll love it.

Rowenta Focus all the reasons you’ll love using it!

One of my favorite shirts has buttons, and in the past, this has been a dreaded task. The Rowenta Focus realizes that ironing collars, seams, and around buttons can be tricky, so they developed a sharp precision tip. It reaches all the problematic areas, making me look like an ironing pro!

There have been irons I have brought home only to discover they required distilled water. Let’s face it, that’s not always available when you find out something needs to be ironed. The Rowenta Focus works with tap water. It has a built-in Anti-Calc system that removes impurities delivering long-lasting, clean steam.

If you’ve been around me any time, you know that ditzy sometimes becomes me. Worry not; the auto-shut-off stops power after 9-minutes if vertical and 30 seconds if tipped over or left horizontal. I’m singing Hallelujah!

I love this iron, and it’s making me look good as it iron’s out life’s wrinkles.

*I received a Rowenta Focus DW5080 in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Other’s experiences may vary.


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