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Ila Dusk and Ila Pebble Personal Alarms

My children and I walk a lot–four miles a day. We wind through neighborhoods and explore our community. There have been a few times, on my own, that I have felt a little uneasy about an area or a particular person. I carry pepper spray with me at all times. I’ve never had to use it, but it’s there. 

A 2010 YouGov/Glamour magazine survey reveals that 68% of women are seriously concerned about their safety. While I wouldn’t say I’m one of these women all the time, I do take the time to talk to my children about being aware of everything around them at all times. 

We recently had the opportunity to review the Ila Dusk and Ila Pebble Personal Alarms. I’m not a helicopter parent, and I enjoy watching my children seek their own independence but let’s face it, it can be frightening out there. The Ila Security Alarms are the perfect tool not only for me but for my children.

On our morning walk we talked again about safety in numbers and our course of action should someone want to make us a victim of their crime. I gave my seven-year-old the ILA PEBBLE to keep on her at all times. It fits in my palm and when the pin is pulled will emit a 130db alarm. We reviewed the process to activate the alarm, “pull the pin and at the same time press the button.”  On our walk, we role played and practiced throwing the pebble to run to a house for help. My daughter thinks is stylish and I agree, it is adorable and doesn’t look like anything out of the ordinary. 

Then my curious, “Li’l Man,” inquired, “What is going to happen when we pull the pin and push the button?” 

I explained it would sound a really loud alarm that would get people’s attention and scare away the bully and get someone to help. 

Li’l Man, with his reasoning, declared, “I’m not throwing it. I’m going to keep it with me when I run because then they will know I am in danger.”

“Good point,” I told him.

Then it happened, “Mom, what does the alarm sound like?” he asked.

So, we walked to the park and decided to give it a try. 

In the field, my son stepped up to pull the pin and press the button. He did so with relative ease, and then we all covered our ears because Holy Cow! 130db is LOUD. The alarm went off once we put the pin back in place. Both Li’l Man and The Divine Miss M thought it was “screaming loud” and felt it would work in scaring someone away if necessary.

The other Ila Security alarm we received was the Ila Dusk. Unlike the Ila Pebble, the Dusk actually sounds like a woman screaming. I love the look of the Ila Dusk. It activates when the chain is pulled out. I think it adds some style to my handbag and when we walk, I attach it to my jacket zipper for easy access. My husband, when he first saw it wondered where I got a new MP3 player. 

We test the Ila Dusk in the same manner as the Ila Pebble. My kiddos thought both were “ear hurting” loud. We all agreed on the Ila Dusk with the woman’s scream would be more likely to draw attention first. “The Pebble sounds more like a car alarm,” said The Divine Miss M.

I love the Ila Security Alarms. They don’t look like traditional safety alarms. They are available in a variety of patterns and colors, and they are loud and would startle a perpetrator. Ila Security Alarms has revolutionized the personal alarm, making it fashionable and easy to use.

The Divine Miss M carries the Pebble with her. It makes me feel good knowing that she has a voice in the event something should happen. I think it is something every mother and her children should talk about…do your children have a plan of action? Do you? I encourage you to check out Jacqui Hames Top Ten Safety Tips. 
For more information on Ila products, please check out their website at  they are available worldwide and offer a great selection of sizes and patterns. Ila Security Alarms are available at,, and
Note: The alarms should only be used in emergency situations and come with a warning to protect ears. 

About Ila Security: 

Security Accessories for Active Lifestyles
Ø  ila is a new brand of stylish personal safety accessories designed to empower women 
Ø  ila includes a range of user-friendly products for everyday situations from work to work out, to go out on the town or as travel essential
Ø  A perfect gift for a loved one
Ila products are designed to empower women and will help you feel safer without having to change your lifestyle.
Ila Security’s range of multi-tasking fashion accessories means that you have a choice of great-looking personal alarms and security devices for any activity, day or night. Whether you’re out jogging, walking home from work, traveling, or visiting friends, our handbag charm, pedometer, keyring, and door protector all look fabulous so you can match them to your wardrobe. And if you ever find yourself in a threatening situation, simply press a button or pull a chain to activate an ear-piercing alarm, or scream-like yell, to repel an attacker and help summon assistance. With a busy life why compromise on your safety and style?
Ila products provide innovative and fashionable safety and security solutions for women in all aspects of their daily lives.
Ila range of products:
·         Ila DUSK – personal alarm with unique woman’s scream. When activated the alarm emits a scream for help at a piercing 130dB. In a stylish and compact design, it comes in a range of fun and fashionable designs, includes a bag clip and keyring and is activated by a pull chain
·          ila PEBBLE keychain alarm with a push-button activation-130Db personal alarm that can be used on your key ring and fits nicely in a pocket
·         ila SPORT – pedometer, calorie counter, clock + personal alarm in one stylish design – perfect for keep fit exercising in the early morning or at night
·         ila WEDGE door wedge + security alarm. This alarm triggers a piercing 130dB siren when breached while helping to keep the door from being opened any further
·         ila HOOK –handbag hanging device. Allows you to enjoy your drink or lunch while having your handbag hung on a hook, allowing you to keep your bag close and in sight. It also incorporates a built-in compact mirror
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