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How to Keep Child Molesters Away from Damaging Your Child’s Psyche

The developed and the underdeveloped worlds carry almost the same percentage of child molestation. The only thing that differentiates both worlds is the atmosphere which caters to such elements. In the former world, the criminology of molestation is offended for pleasure while in the later world; it’s a so-called profession.

How to Keep Child Molesters Away from Damaging Your Child’s Psyche


Cyber Molestation:

As like all the heinous acts have got more roads through the cyber world, so the molestation has got. Apart from physical adultery or molestation, children are now harassed over their smartphones.

Sexting being the base of molestation in the present times has shown some haunting effects of it, including suicides. A recent incident in Canada embarked a tragedy when a teenage high school student committed student after she was molested by her class fellows. Initially, she was harassed over her cell phone number, then over the social media and finally she was raped in the school’s bathroom.

Child Molestation and Mental Effects:

Sexual Harassment, sexual abuse, and molestation have severe mental syndromes. They carry an opposite effect on the psyche of the children, leaving them as a living dead.

US States Authorities arrested nearly 1,400 offenders who were involved in child molestation. The rise in grief from the sentiment that heavily includes religious officials. The event initialized when an Australian citizen, unknowingly asked a secret service officer that he needs a boy within the range of $250 for sexual pleasure.

Though the Australian already had hired a cyber molester to fetch him a boy, and they already got a 6-year-old kid from Los Angeles when the cops arrested them, and the boy was saved.

The traumatic so far studied include:

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Traumatic Sexualization
  • Betrayal
  • Stigmatization
  • Increased Suicidal Tendency
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD)

The misery of the all the studies shows that the molesters are generally the family members.

The Horrible Nightmare for Parents:

Parents aren’t much aware of how to provide proper training to their children to use the smartphones. Although on average, a 10-year-old kid gets the first personal smartphone, the parents are confused that whether they should give their children the smartphones or not.

Children being unaware of the present social entitlements get involved in those presences that are quite harmful to their personality and their rest of life. Cyber Molestation is one of them. Just a couple of month back 26 offenders were placed in the court of law for trading child pornographic images that they created through child molestation.

Parents get their lives ruined when their children become the victims of such heinous crimes, and they turn out to be in the flames of shambles.

What is supposed to be done?

There are some ways through which parents could keep their children safe and keep on coloring their lives along with their children. As for the technology, it is supposed to be tackled with the technology. Staying with the children all the time is not possible for the parents. But the IT sector has made it possible for the parents and guardians.

Now the parents can know about everything their children do with their smartphones and watch them throughout their day. This is all because of devotion and hard work of the spy app developers.

Monitoring Apps:

How to Keep Child Molesters Away from Damaging Your Child’s Psyche 2

The only way to keep the child molesters away from damaging the psyche of the children is to monitor the activities of kids over their smartphones. Who contacts them, or whom did they reach, whom did they speak, who was the guy who sent them a solicitation message or what is the name of the boy who tried sexually harass the daughter is all because of the mobile monitoring apps as they make it possible.

Monitoring apps are not meant to spy on any person; they are made for the purpose of vigilance, monitoring and keeping the children safe. The cases mentioned before in the topic, if the parents had used the monitoring apps in those cases, trust the word, those incidents won’t have happened, as the cell phone spying and tracking app would have made the parents aware of every alarming situation.


Aline Carrara is a social media experimentalist and working as a blogger at TheOneSpy Blog. She is a strong member of stop cyberbullying campaign. She writes a lot about protecting children online and keeps them safe by providing social experiments to the non-tech savvy parents. To know more about her follow her on Twitter @AlineCarrara7

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