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Homecoming 2023

After a fun Disney-themed Lilo and Stitch Homecoming proposal, and time to find the perfect dress, and glam up, William and his girl went to Homecoming. Here are the incredible photos taken by Just Meghan Photography.

hoco uptown

In Front of The Henry:

The inception of the Henry Hotel can be traced back to around 1919, when J.E. Howard and A.D. Whittington established a company for its development. Though the actual construction took place in 1921, the hotel was conceived to meet the evolving needs of Martinsville’s growing population and economic surge.

Situated at the southwest corner of East Church and Broad Streets, the Henry Hotel played a pivotal role in the burgeoning commercial district of Martinsville. Howard and Whittington identified the necessity for a contemporary hotel to mirror the city’s prosperity in the early 20th century.

With its strategic location, spacious lobby, and refined dining room, the Henry Hotel became a hub for visiting politicians, businessmen, and local citizens. Various civic organizations, such as the Kiwanis Club, Lions Club, and Retail Merchants Association, utilized the hotel as their meeting venue.

While the hotel weathered the challenges of the Great Depression, it faced difficulties in the mid-20th century due to shifting travel trends and social norms. The advent of the interstate and the rise of motels led to a decline in its clientele. In 1967, the hotel closed its doors after transforming part of the lobby into commercial retail space along Church Street and converting the dining room into offices.

Despite its changing fortunes, the historic integrity of the Hotel Henry has been preserved. It stands as a contributing structure in the Martinsville Historic District and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

the henry sidewalk

The Dress:

Stunning sequins on this dress add a glam-inspired style to your semi-formal wardrobe.
It’s a pullover dress with a square neckline, long sleeves, gathered shoulders, and lining.
There is a lot of beautiful sparkle in this dress.

the henry

William wore black dress pants with TrendHim Black reversible belt and a black dress shirt with a black tie.

boy holding corsage

The corsage and boutonniere were created by Simply the Best Flowers.

hoco corsage

The corsage and boutonniere were black with deep red roses as accents.


I created a black rose using guitar picks crafted from vintage rock and roll vinyl records I found on Etsy’s Guitar Pick Fashions.

black corsage and boutonniere

To create the rose, I boiled water and dipped the guitar picks in the hot water until it was heated enough to mold. Then, I wrapped it around skewers for the center of the rose and gently manipulated it for the outer flower petals.

We also added a gorgeous black jet rhinestone and gunmetal pin measuring 2″ x 2″ to the corsage from Etsy’s CrystalandRust.

Our final touch was a Wire Wrapped Obsidian Pendant from Etsy’s The3rdEyeBoutique. We bought two–one for the corsage and one for the boutonniere.

We wrapped up our photo session at First United Methodist Church, a faith-based community committed to doing the work of God and living in Christ. We’re centrally located in uptown Martinsville, Virginia, and easily accessible from all parts of Henry County.

Established in 1839, First Church’s congregation is rich in tradition and history, but we also embrace the challenge of bringing the Word of God into the future.

First United Methodist Church

steps of church

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