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Home Decor Tips to Boost Your Mood

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Feeling in a rut,? These Home Decor Tips to Boost Your Mood will help you feel better.

If you find yourself not being in the best of moods on a pretty consistent basis, you might want to stop and consider the fact that it might have something to do with your environment.

Now, there’s only so much that you can control at the office, but when it comes to your home, when’s the last time you changed the color of your bedroom walls or did something to brighten up the décor in your kitchen?

If there’s one place where you should always feel calm and at ease (at least when it comes to your surroundings), it should be at the place where you live.

If your home needs a bit of a pick me up, here are some ideas that, if implemented, are sure to lift your spirits.

living room with yellow curtains to help  boost your mood.


Be color conscious.

 If your entire house’s palate is nothing but dark colors, that may be a part of the reason why you don’t feel the lightest when it comes to your moods.

There’s nothing wrong with incorporating earth tones, but for variety, consider adding some yellow in your kitchen or baby blue in a bathroom.

And your bedroom?

Definitely have that be a soothing shade like maybe a variation of green or a light shade of purple, such as lavender.

There is a real psychology when it comes to colors and the effects that it has on the psyche.

You can read more about this on websites like


The last place where you should feel overwhelmed is at your house—the place where you should be able to pull away from all of the demands of the world.

But unfortunately, that is exactly how a lot of us feel due to all of the paperwork and clutter that’s in our home office and even on our bed.

You should certainly be able to feel comfortable in your personal space, but that shouldn’t be equated with surrounding yourself around a lot of stuff.

Take out a day to throw away what you no longer need and to designate specific places for where the rest of your items need to go.

Put up happy things.


Family pictures, favorite art prints, such as soundwave art, handmade paintings from the kids, art décor gifts from friends, and even mirrors (which actually expand the space in any room)—these are all things that can bring a smile to our face when we look at them.

And, there are actually studies to support that when you hang them up above eye level, just in having to raise your head to look up at them, you can “trick” your mind into thinking more positively.

Get some foliage.

Aside from what a potted plant or vase of fresh flowers can do for the décor of the home, living foliage also provides us with extra boosts of oxygen, which is also helpful in approving our moods as well.

And while there may be days when you wish that you could take a plane trip to England to get your flowers from a florist London specialist, if you commit to creating your own little green room somewhere in your home where they are a few plants and flowers, before long, you’ll have your own kind of peaceful oasis that will tide you over until you can take your fantasy vacation.

Keep the electronics out of the bedroom.

Ask just about any reputable interior decorator, and he or she will tell you that the bedroom is to be designated solely for sleeping and enjoying intimacy time with your significant other.

When you bring in televisions, stereos, and laptops into living space, it can compete with the way that you rest, and it’s very hard for anyone to be in a good mood when they’re sleep-deprived.

You use technology all day.

Let your bedroom serve as a place to escape from all of that.

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