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HelixLife Bright Foundational Vitamins

HelixLife supplements and skin serums are made from natural and organic ingredients. The products are backed by 16-years of research, multiple patented technologies, and hundreds of peer-reviewed articles and prepared with over 30 different ingredients consisting of vitamins, minerals, super-fruit extracts, antioxidants, and bio-active compounds to help the body combat toxins and pollutants.

They boast an impressive pedigree,  formulated by GeneLink’s world-class Scientific Advisory Board consisting of five medical doctors and three PhDs, with specialties in microbiology, genetics, clinical medicine, and pharmacology, and over 100 years of combined experience in medicine, nutrition, genetics, anti-aging, and skin conditions. HelixLife products are a revolutionary custom blend-based supplement based on the user’s genetic profile using only FDA-approved ingredients – HelixLife is produced fresh monthly.

HelixLife offers four core solutions to beauty and health:

-Custom DNA Products (both Vitamins & Skin Serum) – Using the results of a simple cheek swab DNA assessment test, you receive your HelixLife brilliant blend of nutritional supplements and skincare ingredients matched explicitly to your genetic profile. No other supplement or skin program is this personalized.
-Anti-Acne Skin Serum – Consisting of the four most effective, all-natural “acne-active” ingredients, HelixLife clear offers an acid-free, acne-fighting skin serum unlike any other product on the market today.
-Foundational Vitamins – With four to six servings of fruits and vegetables and all the vitamins and minerals recommended by the Scientific Advisory Board, HelixLife bright provides ideal nutritional supplementation for active adults. And, HelixLife grow provides the same benefits for youth.
-Anti-Aging Skin Serum – HelixLife glow uses the latest genetically-based science to provide an incredible formulation of over thirty natural and organic ingredients that tighten, revitalize, and nourish the skin.

For thirty days, I consumed HelixLife “s BRIGHT foundational vitamins. I’ve struggled with whether vitamins do anything to fill in those dietary gaps, and in the end, I find myself taking a multi-vitamin. For my review, I took only the HelisLife vitamin.

From the HelixLife Website:

The ingredients in HelixLife bright™ nutritional supplements have been scientifically shown to help you in the following areas:

  • Heart Health—Has Cardiotonic Ingredients That Help Maintain A Healthy Heart and Circulatory System
  • Immunity Defense—Support Wellness and Good Overall Health
  • Digestive Health—Prebiotic Fibers for Optimal Digestive Function
  • Brain and Cognitive Function—Improve Clarity, Focus, And Memory
  • Energy and Endurance—Reduce Fatigue, Increase Energy, Improve Exercise Tolerance and Reduce Shortness of Breath
  • Healthy Aging—Help Prevent Premature Aging
  • Skin Tone and Appearance—Build Collagen To Firm Skin And Reduce Wrinkling, Photoaging, and Damage Due To Pollution, Smoking, and Inflammation
  • Bone Strength—Support Bone Density and Calcium Absorption
  • Joint Pain and Inflammation—Strengthen and Protect Collagen and Reduce Chronic inflammation
  • Eye Health—Help Compensate For Age-Related Vision Issues
  • Urinary and Prostate Health—Maintain Urinary System
  • Liver Function—Optimal Functioning to Prevent Fatigue, Loss of Appetite, Skin Problems, Premature Aging, and Poor Immunity

I carefully read the directions and discovered that a daily dose was five pills in the morning and five in the evening. That’s ten pills and a lot to swallow! I left myself a note to take my evening dose.

After one week, the most noticeable effect of HelixLife BRIGHT was my skin. The color was more even, and the texture had improved. By the second week, I called my mom to tell her about HelixLife and the improvement I noticed. Now, at the end of the thirty days, my skin has a new life. It requires far less foundation to cover up the imperfections, and I love how soft it feels!

HelixLife Foundational vitamins offer the antioxidant equivalent of five servings of vegetables per day in every daily serving. Plus, it also has prebiotic fiber for digestive health. Isn’t this why we take vitamins, to supplement where our diets are lacking?

I found HelixLife Foundational vitamins to be genuinely remarkable. It is hard to determine if I had more energy with the holidays, but my skin is definitely in far better condition. I might even say HelixLife is genuinely the first vitamin I have noticed a difference. 

You can purchase HelixLife products online through their website. Connect with HelixLife on Facebook for updates.


I received HexLife in exchange for this review. All opinions remain my own.

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