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Halloween Count Down with Pottery Barn Kids

On October 1 we spent the afternoon decorating for Halloween. The tree is tied with purple, orange and black strands of tulle, spiderwebs harbor in corners and a giant Ghoul waits in the corner. Slowly we add to the collection to add to our Halloween festivities. This year we added Pottery Barn Kids Halloween Countdown Calendar.

The Halloween Countdown Calendar is adding so much fun to our celebration. It hasn’t replace the kiddos paper chain (they’re die hard paper chain makers), but it is adding to the excitement and makes our house look far more festive.

Pottery Barn Kids Halloween Countdown CalendarWe’ve used countdown calendars in the past, but this one is a keeper. It doesn’t look cheap and it adds to the decor. It came rolled on a wooden dowel. It unfolded nicely and comes with a shoelace wide ribbon, attached, or swap that out for the two smaller ribbons. I went with the way it came.
The countdown calendar is made of heavy felt. It is also GINORMOUS at 43″ long and nearly a yard wide at 33 inches. The orange backgrounds sets the tone and the black applique looks like a shadow, off-set by the off-white border with black trim.
Pottery Barn Kids Halloween Countdown Calendar
This is a countdown with commitment! Thirty-one pockets (each 2.5″x2.5″) are sewn on the calendar. Many blend in with the visual, while others just add to the fun. My kiddos giggle when the numbers sometimes go out of sequence. It’s like a scavenger hunt for them. While most of the pockets depict only the day, others are festive with black cats, spiders, bats and the cutest pumpkin shaped pockets at the bottom.
Pottery Barn Kids Halloween Countdown Calendar

The quality of this is impeccable. As we were filling the pockets with treats and tricks, a couple of the items (25 cent boxes of Hot Tamales) were just wide and thick enough that the kiddos were forcing them into the pocket. My heart sank because I thought the felt would stretch out of shape and turn to a thinness that made me shudder. Nope! The kiddos forced the boxes in and the felt held up…so did the stitching.

For an additional $7, the Calendar can be personalized with your name. I love it!

Pottery Barn Kids Halloween Countdown Calendar

Pottery Barn Kids Halloween Countdown Calendar--Crafts, Tricks and Treats

We had a blast filling the pockets. We have a mixture of treats and tricks. Most of it is candy, but some of it is haunts like: “Visit the Corn Maze”, “Find your way out of the Tunnel of Terror”, “Take a Ride with a Witch at Gardner Village”. And just because it’s Halloween, which calls for a few tricks we’ve included notes that say things like, “Clean your room and when your done, ask your Mummy to “treat” you.” or “Raking Leaves is never fun, however, when you’re done, Dad will take you, if you dare, to the pumpkin patch for a scare”. We’ve even incorporated crafts into the pockets. The kiddos have found the clues to a scavenger hunt to make Mummy Treat Containers, Tootsie Pop Ghosts and S’mores in a Jar for their teachers.

The days are dying fast, get The Pottery Barn Kids Halloween Countdown Calendar right now for just $44.99. There’s a whole lot of fun waiting.

*I received the PB Kids Countdown Calendar in order to facilitate my review, The opinions, where expressed are my own, and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.

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