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CharcoCaps Review

Farewell to Gas, Pressure and Bloating

You’ll remember I love meat. I love carbonated drinks, ice cream and here I am on my journey to a healthier me consuming fiber like I’m a woodchuck. Sometimes my insides need a reprieve!


The healthier I eat the more fuel it adds to my methane tank. It’s wrong really. Sometimes the gas escapes no matter how tight I’m squeezing my cheeks. Other days the bloating has me looking like I’m due for delivery any moment. It’s a horrible feeling.

Several months ago CharcoCaps entered my life and I haven’t looked back. Thanks to CharcoCaps and the Family Review Network, I have the opportunity to share this product with you.

It’s a small capsule (recommended dosage is two). I’m a believer in the expression dynamite comes in small packages–and CharcoCaps extinguishes the explosions! Pretty impressive for something three-quarters of an inch long!

Charco Caps are a Homeopathic AntiGas Formula that stimulates and supports the body’s own defenses against intestinal gas.  They are made from activated charcoal.  They work at reducing intestinal gas by attracting and condensing the gas molecules into the tiny pores that are created on the surface of the charcoal (which is called adsorbing).  These gases are then carried out of the body on the surface of the charcoal.  It’s like the stuff they use to detoxify a person who has overdosed.

CharcoCaps truly work. My bloated belly has diminished and I can wear jeans in my true size without planning ahead for the methane. My family likes me a lot more…at least they stay in the room with me longer than they have in the past. I don’t have discomfort from the pressure. I

My husband was even impressed. He can now pull down the covers without worrying if my Stealth Ninja abilities are going to be homicidal. I buy my CharcoCaps at Walgreens. They are $9.99 for a 36 count box.


Disclosure: No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post. I was sent the product mentioned in this post for review purposes. These opinions are my own and in no way influenced by the sponsor. Other’s experience may vary.

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