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Banda Bibs


Bazzle Baby BandaBib

I was so focused on being a mom that I wasn’t ingenious when it came to revolutionizing anything. Amanda Davis didn’t let Mommy-dom stop her creativity. She is the founder of Bazzle Baby. Two things topped her list of “To Do”: 1. Be a Mommy and 2.) Start her own business. The two items were crossed off together when she realized her baby needed a new and improved baby bib. The result BandaBib. She took bibs to a whole new level in style and functionality. It seems Mommydom stirs the creative mojo in Amanda Davis because when her second child came along, The Burpers were added tot he Bazzle Baby Line.
If you’ve ever had a drooler you know the frustration. The constant changing of shirts, the accumulation of grime that fills the chubby folds of the neck. Bibs work well, but they’re ordinary.
Bazzle Baby has revolutionized the drool. Their BandaBib is a great alternative to those plain and cutesy bib with their fashion statement and efficiency in catching the drool.
The rest is history. Bazzle Baby has a great line of baby items. Every item has a sense of style and adds “adorable” to any outfit.  You’ll never lose the pacifier again with Paci-Clips. Baby’s up to ten months won’t look like their ONLY wearing a big with  Bitsy Bibs and from ten months on, or for an older sibling, there’s Big Bibs. For Nursing Moms theres MaMa Covers. To make the Bazzle Baby Line of products even more “Must Have” all come in coordinating colors and prints.

I was sent a BandaBib for review.

It is super soft and made from 100 percent designer cotton with a cotton flannel backing. The fabric is soft and not at all scratchy. The stitching is secure and neatly clipped. The BandaBib is easy to put on with just a press of the velcro closure.

As the toddler crawled and table walked I watched as drool dribbled down his chin. I held firm in letting the drool do it’s thing, rather than rush to wipe. BandaBib caught it all and kept the gross gathering of dirt at bay! I was delighted!

BandaBibs retail for just $12 and come in a great variety of solids and prints to compliment your favorite outfits.

I loved that the BandaBip looked like an accessory to the outfit, rather than a bib. It was a great change and totally efficient.

Disclosure: No monetary compensation was offered or accepted for this post.  I did receive the item mentioned in this post from the sponsor in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions are my own and in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experience may vary.


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