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Fringe: The Plan to Alter the Future

Fringe is a show that will have your thinking about the future. At one time or another in everyone’s life, I believe there is a tendency to look back and wonder, “What if?” We think of how things might have been had we done one thing different, chose an alternate path, said something to someone we meant to and so many other scenarios. I don’t know that in my daydreams surrounding the “what if” I ever gave much thought to the ultimate destiny that tiny change would have made in my future. That seems like an entirely different daydream and yet they are perhaps the same.

Fringe: The Plan to Alter the Future

Watching the Fringe gives me pause to thought on this subject.  At the end of Season 3, Peter makes the decision to sacrifice himself thus altering the future. Would I change the future if given the opportunity? It’s hard to say. Taking matters into my own hands might yield my immediate desires, however, it also prohibits me from what ultimately awaits. I believe things happen for reasons. I think about the times in my life that I struggled with and how many blessings came from those trials. I discovered I was stronger, braver and more creative than I or others imagined. It is always a rewarding sense of victory.


It is tempting to take matters into my own hands and change the future, however, I feel I would more likely trust in fate. I understand that by altering my own future, I also alter the future of those around me. Those I surround myself with now, as well as those I’m waiting to meet.

Peter took a different path in the Fringe. Tune into Fringe to learn Peter’s bold plan to alter the future/his existence unfolds in Fringe: The Complete Third Season on DVD/Blu-Ray!

If you were given the opportunity to change the future, would you take matters into your own hands, or would you trust in fate?

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