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Growums Garden Kits School Fundraisers

Back to School welcome kits are starting to come to the forefront and inside is the information on school fund-raisers. Having been a PTA President, I know the need for fundraisers, but as a parent, I’m tired of selling cookie dough, wrapping paper and candy bars. As school budgets across the country face deeper and deeper cuts, fundraising is taking a higher profile.  Thought you might be interested in posting this to make your readers aware of a terrific opportunity:

Now Growums is offering schools and clubs a terrific fundraiser opportunity that’s good for the soul and the bottomline. This year, hundreds of school across the country are taking a break from the standard candy and wrapping paper fundraisers with Growums Garden Kits, offering a fresh and healthy approach that benefits schools, our planet and the lives of today’s children. With the First Lady’s announcement of the new MyPlate food diagram as an important tool in the battle against childhood obesity, the specially-themed garden kits are a fun and simple learning tool that teach children and adults alike the joys and benefits of growing their own food.  This fresh approach to fundraising offers a fun and lucrative opportunity to schools and clubs to raise funds for their organizations as they deliver important messaging to encourage healthy eating habits, a greener environment and stronger families.

Participating organizations receive half of the proceeds of sales – each Growums garden kit sells for $10 — and an additional portion of all proceeds goes directly from Preferred Commerce, Inc. toward helping to feed needy children.

By promoting the benefits of gardening through this fun, engaging program, Growums captures kids’ interest, gives children a sense of pride in their accomplishments in helping to provide funding for their schools, introduces them to healthful foods and a healthy lifestyle, teaches nurturing skills, and helps create a greener world.

For more information on the Growums fundraiser, contact Christina Sweet at Growums at [email protected], Or visit

Growums garden kits for kids combine learning and fun with a unique and exciting online educational experience to grow vegetables and herbs from seed to harvest; all with a little help from an animated cast of herb and vegetable characters at .  The characters enhance the entire gardening experience with a fun and entertaining approach that gets kids into the garden and on the path to healthy eating.  Kids can choose from six fun kits including Herb Garden, Pizza Garden, Salad Garden, Stir-fry Garden, Taco Garden and Ratatouille Garden to grow a real garden with virtual world fun.  Each garden kit features unique, magical coco or peat pellets that make planting and growing practically foolproof.


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