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“Finding Dory” Themed Recipes

Camp Grandma and Grandpa had movie night and the kiddos saw “Finding Dory”. Miss M reports that it is now “My most favorite movie EVER! It’s so cute, Mom! So cute!”

Li’l Man really like it, though he is far more reserved than his sister.

Finding Dory is playing right now in a theater near you. It’s the weekend. Don’t wait for Camp Grandma and Grandpa, pack up the kiddos and go!

Finding Dory Themed recipe Collage


Make it a day of celebration with these fun “Finding Dory” themed recipes, perfect for morning, noon or night!

Finding Dory Quesa-Dory

Get the “Finding Dory” Quesa-Dory Recipe

"Finding Dory" Hankfurt and Seaweed Slaw Recipe

Get the “Finding Dory” Hankfurter and Seaweed Slaw Recipe

"Finding Dory" Nemo Popscicles

Get the “Finding Dory” Nemo Pops Recipe

"Finding Dory" Crush's Turtle Shell Peppers Recipe

Get the “Finding Dory” Crush’s Turtle Shell Peppers Recipe

Squirt's Kelp Forest Smoothie Recipe

Get “Finding Dory” Squirts’ Kelp Forest Smoothie Recipe


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