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Featured Blogger: The Way I See Things

Meet Dawn the Writer and Creator Behind the Blog
The Way I See Things


Name and location:

Dawn Michelle (Kornfeld)
I live in Fairfield, Connecticut


The Way I See Things

How did your blog’s name come to be?

I actually gave this a lot of thought. Some blogs are all about one specific thing (scrapbooking, cooking, shopping, etc) but I like to write about everything. “The Way I See Things” just seemed to sum it all up — a random blog written from my point of view.

What inspired you to start blogging?

No one in my family would listen to me anymore! Just kidding! I started blogging to keep in touch with my family and friends who lived far away. The little status box on my facebook page simply wasn’t big enough for me to write down everything I wanted to share. Blogging seemed like a much better idea!

What do you think sets your blog apart from others?

I write about lots of different things and I think that it keeps the blog fresh! Like most people I know, I have many interests. I figured if I LOVED to read about so many things, why write about only ONE thing. I’d like to think my blog is a little like a Super Walmart –something for everyone! Each week I offer tips, musings, great photos, and of course plenty of commentary/rantings on my life as a wife, mom, friend, and wanna-be artist!

What has been your absolute favorite post?

Oooh that is a tough one. If you know me, you know that I hate choosing things. I’m going to offer up my three favorite posts and you can tell me which one should be my favorite! These are all listed on the left side of my blog under “Favorite Posts.” The first one was is entitled “No One Cares What You Ate For Breakfast” — a pretty funny ranting over the misuse of the status box on facebook! Second is entitled “The cause of my shoulder pain: Could it be my 6 pound handbag??” This is another funny/pathetic commentary about what I (and many other women) carry around with them on a daily basis. I spill the contents of my bag out on the table (a little like Ally Sheedy’s character in Breakfast Club) to take a closer look. It’s a little slice of life moment! Finally, my third favorite is: If I Had My Life To Live Over.” This one is a little more serious and serves as a constant reminder for us all to appreciate the wonderful little things in our lives.

What inspires you to blog?

Everything. My life just provides GREAT material! I’ve always loved writing and sharing stories with my friends.

Can you tell us a little about your writing process?

 I write whenever I get inspired. I don’t wait to get home and sit at my computer. Whenever I get an idea that I think should be a part of my blog (either for the next day or some day down the road) I write it down. I usually write down ideas in the notes section of my iphone, but I’ve written ideas down on the back of a napkin at starbucks too (I think that was the guilty pleasures blog post!)

Apart from blogging, what do you like to do?

I love scrapbooking, photography, shopping, cooking, writing, reading (books, magazine, and other people’s blogs), traveling, and of course, spending time with my family and friends.

How do you find time to blog?

I usually blog early in the morning — after my first cup of coffee! The kids are on the school bus and the neighborhood is still quiet. It’s important to carve out time for yourself so that you can do what makes you happy. I make sure there is a litle “ME TIME” in my schedule every day!

What is your greatest accomplishment in life thus far?

Hmmm — it’s a tie between having my kids and mushing dogs on a glacier in Alaska. I look back at these events and feel really proud of myself. Oh, I did get an article published in a bridal magazine years ago and that was pretty cool. Managing to get my masters degree in education while being pregnant TWICE — that was a biggie too. You see. I hate choosing things! Okay, let’s just say “having two amazing, smart, sweet children” is the greatest one of all!

Where do you see yourself in 10-years?

 Hopefully living some place warmer! (these Connecticut winters are KILLING me!) I would love to say that I’d be on a book tour (if I could just finish writing ONE of the FOUR novels I’ve started (adult and young adult) over the years.) Hey, you never know!

Do you have children, if so how many?

Yes. Brett and Dylan are my two guys!

Anything else you’d like to tell us about?

 I like poking fun at people (especially myself) and things. I love to share my random thoughts with people and hopefully make them laugh or smile every day!

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