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Make It Family Game Night with #RedBox

Redbox is saving my sanity through Winter Break. With the holiday behind school and us out for a week and the anticipation of The Divine Miss M’s New Year’s Eve Birthday, chaos is infinity squared at our house. We just discovered that besides great movies, REDBOX offers an assortment of video games for XBox360, Wii, and PS3.

We own two gaming systems, and since the tree needed to come down and the kiddos narrated their every move, the plan was to get a game for the XBox360. It’s downstairs and away from Mom. So, we walked to Walgreens, where there is a Redbox Kiosk. On the way there, I let the kiddos know that we were going to REDBOX, but not for a movie. They were stumped!

Then we got to our familiar REDBOX kiosk:

RedBox Kiosk

RedBox Kiosk

and I announced, “Let’s get a video game!” There were cheers of excitement, and then Li’l Man questioned, “From REDBOX?” I’m sure he thought I’d lost my marbles.

RedBox Logo

REDBOX is easy to navigate. So easy to navigate that Li’L Man completed the whole process for us. He’s six and while he can read somewhat, he did great.

redbox top 10 movie screen

redbox top 10 movie screen

There seemed to be a greater selection for the Wii (the game system we DON’T have); however, Li’l Man really wanted to try the Spiderman Game. I agreed, and we rented Spiderman Rock of Time for the XBox 360.

Spiderman Rock of Time for XBox360 Mommy's Memorandum

Spiderman Rock of Time for XBox360

The Divine Miss M chose Sonic Generations for XBox360.

Sonic Generations X360 Mommy's Memorandum

Sonic Generations X360

And because I’m not big on change, I rented a movie—one of my favorites Larry Crowne.

Larry Crowne

Larry Crowne

I’ve never seen kiddos so excited to walk back home! They couldn’t stop talking about how they didn’t know that REDBOX had games. They thought it was the BEST thing ever.

I shared with the kiddos that in the early 1990s, I use to go to the video store. It was a Mom and Pop chain in Miami, Florida. I remember they rented this space next to their video store with a vending machine filled with VHS tapes. I don’t recall the cost, I think we swiped our membership card and it billed our account something like $3.00 per night. I like to think that was the beginning of REDBOX!

REDBOX is located on almost every corner of our house. I love the convenience of finding a movie online and holding it, or the surprise factor of just getting gas and walking over to see what’s “playing””. It’s a great resource.

Even better, it’s budget-friendly! Video Game Rentals are just $2 per night and movies are $1.20 per night! It’s inexpensive entertainment!

Now that we’ve discovered Games through REDBOX, we can try the game out before we commit.

The one drawback according to Li’l Man is, “I didn’t have time to BEAT the game, Mom!”

REDBOX sends a receipt to email when you check a movie out, and then again when your return is successful. There are no surprises.

*I received codes from to be used for game rental, as well as an XBOX360 game exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.


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