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Envirosax Brings New York, Sydney and Paris to You!




Doesn’t summer just make you want to celebrate? For us, it’s our get out of the house time and Travel Pack by Envirosax is celebrating the fever with three world-class cities. We’re talking New York, romantic Paris and sensational Sydney. Whimsical bags that bring the destination to you!
The Divine Miss M has a thing for Paris. She dreams of going there, eating Parisian food, and looking at the world from the top of the Eiffel Tower! Envirosax Travel Pack gives her a glimpse of what her daydreams are made of and helps her meet her goals of reuse, reduce and recycle eliminating the dangers of plastic bags and the burden of bulky bags.
When the Paris Travel Pack bag arrived, she squealed. She has since used the bag for bringing home school work, trips to the library, packing snacks for an afternoon outside and commuting toys between our house and her friends’. She is looking forward to swimming and Envirosax will be the perfect place to carry swimming suits and towels to and from the pool.
The graphic print makes it a fashion statement and the fact that it rolls up and tucks into a self-contained bag makes it a keeper! We’re talking a compact 4″ x 1.5″ roll when not in use that expands, when ready for use to a beautiful, stylish 19.5″ x 16.5″ fashion bag that can hold up to 44lbs.
Whether you are an earth-friendly individual or just someone who likes beautiful things, Envirosax Travel Pack is a perfect celebration.
About Envirosax
Envirosax, the world leader in designer reusable bags, is committed to making a substantial environmental impact with fashion, design, and innovative products. The Envirosax team operates on environmentally sustainable principles following the lead of founders Belinda and Mark David-Tooze who live an organic, sustainable, carbon-neutral lifestyle.
“It is delightful to receive feedback from customers around the world who love using the bags for their stylish designs and environmental contribution,” says owner Belinda David-Tooze. “The biggest thrill, though, is the knowledge that this business is making an impact, educating adults and children about the importance of reuse and leaving an environmental legacy for my children – at least, they will know we played our part and tried to make a difference. Envirosax designs are all about trend, but we believe caring for our planet is a lifestyle.”
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