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Enjoy a Scandal Without the Headlines

It seems there’s always a celebrity scandal making headlines news. It’s inescapable! There’s Charlie Sheen who seems to be on every station, every magazine and all over the internet. Now Teen Mom Jenelle Evans is making headlines for assaulting another woman. Sometimes, don’t you crave your own private scandal? Y’know, something discreet, sensual and won’t make the morning news stands. has the perfect Scandal waiting for you.

It is not flamboyant, like Charlie or Lindsay. This one comes in a simple, yet elegant tin. No frills. No spotlights. Just classic.

The Scandal is yours for the choosing Original Sin (Fig Leaf), Lush (Gin and Juice), Gold Digger (Carrot Cake), Bad Seed (Pomegranate), Back Stabber (Red Currant), Sugar Daddy (Brown Sugar), One Night Stand (Margarita), MILF (Milk and Cookies), Casting Couch (Leather) and Two Timer (Chocolate and Vanilla).

This Scandal is vegan and cruelty-free…it’s stamped right into the bottom of the Scandal–y’know, like a tattoo. It’s also hand-poured and 100 percent soy.

It’s a Scandal you will keep reinventing yourself through, or consider it merely a day in the life of Charlie, with a burn time of approximately 35 hours.

Each Scandal has a price tag of just $18.99.

This Scandal will entice your senses, feel like an indulgence, and can be shared or enjoyed alone.

Go ahead and discover your’s waiting for you at!

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