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Get Skinned with DecalGirl

Zac and I each entered the world of cell phones with Nexus S Androids. For one month we’ve each been trying to protect the phone from scratches and determining whose is whose. DecalGirl to the rescue and just in time for Zac to start school. Talk about convenient for school and personalizing, DecalGirl offers an amazing selection of “skins” for all types of electronic devices, cellphones, Kindle to XBox!

DecalGirl Pintura

Decal Girl Pintura Skin for Nexus S

I couldn’t make up my mind as Zac and I strolled the online pages of skins. Zac wasted no time. He selected the Pintura: Drops of vividly colored paint in shades of blue, pink, red, yellow, and black are swirled around a base backing of white to create this conglomeration of convoluted, chaotic color that resembles a painter’s practice palette. Perfect for his artistic personality!

DecalGirl Pintura on the Nexus S

Decal Girl Pintrua Skin on the Nexus S (Front)

When the DecalGirl skin arrived, Zac wasted no time is the transformation of his phone from basic black to personalized Pintura. The skin is made of a high-quality vinyl and has “channels” for ease in the application without those annoying air bubbles. Wow! It looks great! The skin has precut areas for the homepage, search and other buttons on the phone, making it a perfect fit. Plus, when Zac’s creative flair changes, so can his cell phone!

DecalGirl Pintura on the Nexus S

Decal Girl Pintrua Skin on the Nexus S (Back)

Reviews at CNet rated DecalGirl Skins one of the TOP 20 Kindle covers. That’s pretty impressive.

There’s a lot of choices out there for skins, however, the quality of DecalGirl is truly great. The vinyl makes it lasting and, unlike others, DecalGirl is not a sticker. This makes DecalGirl our first choice because, let’s face it, stickers can be difficult to remove and they fade. DecalGirl stays put until you decide to change it and then, it just peels off without effort of residue. Who doesn’t appreciate that when it comes to their investment?

Check out DecalGirl for skins and accessories to make your electronics reflect your personality.

*I received the DecalGirl Pintura for Nexus S in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.
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