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6 Creative Ways to Personalize Your Car

Whether your car is sparkling new or falling apart, there are multiple ways you can cost-effectively personalize your vehicle.

There are many cute and creative ways to make your vehicle unique.

If you don’t have enough money to paint the car a different color or install LED lights in the undercarriage, the following personalization tips may interest you.

Not only are they cheap, but they are easy to manage, with items that you likely already have sitting around your home.

one red car among lots of white cars top view. 3d rendering

Antenna Toppers

Car antenna toppers are one of the cheapest ways to add some personality to your car.

Some you can even find at the dollar store.

For example, one of the most common antenna toppers is yellow smiley faces, emojis, or animals.

Still, you can find more pricey ones that come in multiple Disney characters or princesses.

They often come in large packs, so you can swap them out if they get dirty.

Don’t get too attached to them, though, because they’re easy to steal.

Personalized Number Plates

A customized number plate is a plate that can be customized with different numbers and letters.

Since there is only one plate in your country, custom plates are the ultimate way of adding personality to your vehicle.

Keep in mind that some plates are more expensive than others because of how rare it is and their popularity.

More people will want this plate if your name is Michelle, a popular name.

However, you can find a plate stylized like M1C3LL3 for cheaper because it uses numbers instead of letters.

A customized number plate M1C3LL3

Steering Wheel Covers

Like seat covers, steering wheel covers serve a similar function by covering an area of your car with leather or cloth in various colors and patterns from

If you get a cover that isn’t black, it can protect your hands during the summer because brighter colors don’t attract heat as much as darker colors.

You can buy ones with flowers, cartoon characters, or you can get ones from popular television shows.

Since you spend every day in your car looking at a steering wheel, it’s essential to find one you can stand to look at daily.

vintage steering wheel and dashboard restored to original beauty

Stuffed Animals

When I was a kid, my aunt stuck a bunch of stuffed animals on the back window of her car.

She had a long, black panther that she used to block out glare from the sun while serving as a cute addition to her tiny Toyota.

If you have a stuffed animal, you have difficulty getting rid of but have no place for it, stick it in your car dashboard or back seat.

Remember that the sun will fade the stuffed animal’s color, so only put items in your vehicle that you don’t mind being ruined.

Make sure to use excellent double-sided tape to keep them in place and don’t block your line of sight or fall near your legs.

Bumper Stickers

There are hundreds of bumper stickers to choose from.

You can even create your custom ones on various websites.

These stickers can make a strong political statement, have a funny joke, or declare your favorite baseball team or television show.

Whatever you put on the back of your car, people are going to take notice.

Only put something on there that you aren’t afraid to show off.

If you’re scared of putting a sticker on your bumper because you don’t want to strip any paint off, opt for a magnet instead.

Just be aware that magnets are easier to steal.

yellow volkswagon bus covered with tourist site bumper stickers

Air Fresheners

A customized air freshener serves a double purpose.

Finding a great smelling air freshener can be difficult because most of them are filled with chemicals that make your car smell like floor cleaner.

However, once you find a superb mint, bubblegum, or vanilla air fresher, you can start shopping for different shapes.

The more common shapes are trees, various sports equipment, and hearts, but you can also find emojis, cartoon characters, and different other things.

The better air fresheners are found at hardware or auto repair shops, so search there first.

A customized air freshener hanging from rearview mirror.

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