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How to Make Clippy Barrettes #Tutorial


pinch-type hairclips

embellishments (like crystals, beads, etc.)

pre-cut ribbon

appliques or colorful fabric cutouts

clear-drying craft glue

hand mirror

Orange Stick (the kind for pushing cuticles back) or skewer

damp cloth


Cover the clip with ribbon. Beginning at the part of the clip you pinch, apply glue to the underside and press the ribbon into the glue. Attach the ribbon along the top of the clip alternating between gluing and pressing the ribbon into the glue.

Cover only the top part of the clip so it can still open and close. Leaving the underside and bottom ribbon-free means the finished barrette will be easier to put on and stay put in the hair better.

Attach an applique to the ribbon using a generous amount of flue. Decorate the clip and/or applique with crystals by making a small dot of glue with the cuticle stick or skewer. Carefully set crystal into glue. Repeat as desired.

Use the damp cloth to wipe excess glue from finished clip.

There’s some great craft kits on the market that supply every thing you need. One of our favorites is Kensey Lu

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