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City Creek Disney Store Review

It’s official, City Creek in downtown Salt Lake City is officially opened. Last night my best friend, Angie, and I shopped until we dropped at the center.

Our first stop was the Disney Store. Like all things Disney, it was magical. It was an interactive play station rather than your traditional store. A Pixie Dust Trail greets you as you enter. Here the pixie dust seems to hover above the ground against the blue.

Disney's Princess Neighborhood and Magical Castle

Disney’s Princess Neighborhood and Magical Castle

Angie was in tune with her inner child and needed to see Princesses. It turns out Disney created a Princess Neighborhood complete with Princess Castle and Magic Mirror. Walkthrough the castle to the magical mirror, whereupon, waving a princess wand, a princess magically appears to share her story through short film clips.

Of course, Disney is an equal-opportunity imagination builder, so they also created a Disney Pixar CARS and Toy Story Neighborhood where all the CARS and TOY Story heroes exist. We’re talking walls that look like a ginormous carrying case with, of course, CARS toys and apparel tucked inside.

My favorite thing was the Magical Trees. We arrived early in the evening and didn’t notice them, but as we walked back through after night had draped the shopping center, the trees came to life with animation cast into their leaves. They change with the four seasons, and some of Disney’s favorite characters appear! It was mesmerizing!

The City Creek Disney's Store Skyline

The City Creek Disney’s Store Skyline

It’s details that make imagination, and Disney doesn’t miss a thing. Against the wall is a custom skyline that depicts favorite moments from Disney stories. The Salt Lake City landmarks made me smile. It made the stories seem like they indeed were a part of me. Fantastic touch, Disney!

In the rear of the store is the Disney Store Theater. Think of The Beast’s library in Beauty and the Beat and translate it into videos. Here there are Disney film trailers, clips, music videos, animation, and more. There is a 12-food curved screen for viewing, and seems to be the central nervous point for the store. Watch for upcoming family activities and events, including Disney character drawing workshops, storytelling, trivia, and so much more. You’ll be keeping an eye on the calendar for this store’s events.

Angie and I also witnessed the “Unlock Imagination” opening. It wasn’t just for us, and it’s an everyday event at the Disney Store. There was so much fun. One child is randomly chosen from the audience to participate and be the “Key” person for the ceremony. The official key is Disney size for the lock.

Disney's City Creek Unlock Imagination ceremony

Disney’s City Creek Unlock Imagination ceremony

There’s excellent build-up and fun until the key turns and drops the gate opening the store and the world of imagination.

turning the key at Disney's Unlock Imagination Ceremony

turning the key at Disney’s Unlock Imagination Ceremony

The Grand Opening takes place on Saturday, March 31. The first 500 guests will get a gift. Mickey and Minnie Mouse will host a meet and greet in the mall’s center court from 12Noon to 4 pm. Don’t forget, at 10 am, and one child will be chosen for the “Unlock Imagination” Ceremony!

Visit the Disney Store at City Creek Center any day at 50 South Main Street, upper floor.


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