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CarLahLah Has Magnet Appeal

The kiddos and I inherited my husband’s truck. It looks like so many other trucks out there and finding it at Walmart Supercenter can be a challenge. Besides, the kiddos and I don’t think it represents our charisma. CarLahLah has heard our whining and created eye-catching magnets to make our car stand out and represent us.

The kiddos looked over Carlahlah’s selection-they have everything from cupcakes to peace symbols! I’m not sure what the determining factor was but they selected the Chelsea Flower Car Magnet #2. At just six inches it is packed with vibrant color, fun and whimsical design and it’s not so flowery that Li’l Man is whining about “Girl Power”.

When it arrived, the magnet went through a variety of transitions. It started by finding a home on the refrigerator. At first it was a decoration, then it became a tool for hanging a picture of our family. It added color and personality to our kitchen.

Somewhere during the week it was moved to the back door where it gave a warm welcome. It inspired smiles and had the neighbor kiddos talking about our door.

Of course, it was created with the intention of making our car stand out from the crowd.


CarLahLah has us ridin’ around in style!

Now it dazzles the passenger side door. The kiddos can find me easily at school pick up. I can locate the truck in a parking lot and it makes the kiddos giggle when they look out in the driveway and see it.

There are so many styles and fun to choose from that at just $8.99 a piece with free shipping no matter how many you order the possibilities are endless!  Change your car magnets like my kiddos change their clothes.

Behind the colorful, six inch magnets, CarLahLah is a family-run team. “We run the business with our kids,” says founder Dr. Beth Ricanati.  “Their input is important, and they make CarLahLah so fun and fresh. It has been a great bonding experience for all of us during our recent move from Cleveland to Los Angeles,” she says. Beth and her husband use the company business model to teach life lessons to the kids.

Even more awesome is that the kiddos running CarLahLah are the same ages as my own Beauty Queen and The Divine Miss M! Seven-year-old Mia serves as Head of Product Development and insisted on a cupcake magnet. Her nine-year-old brother Lev, Director of Sales, acquiesced as long as the sales figures could support her idea.

Board meetings can get heated around the dinner table.

Tech-savvy Eli, eleven, is Senior Vice President of Online Merchandising and has a keen interest in website design and content management.

Make no mistakes, CarLahLah magnets are strong enough to remain in place and still easily removable without causing damage to any surfaces. “We even tested them in Cleveland snowstorms and in-car washes!” says Lev proudly.  Ours has withstood the incredible desert heat here in Utah and survived some out-of-the-ordinary rain storms. It’s still intact, vibrant and looks like new!

“We are thrilled to have shown our kids how hard work and entrepreneurial spirit can bring good things to our world.  We give back to our community and contribute a portion of our proceeds to non-profit organizations that offset 20 miles of carbon emissions,” says Beth.

There’s something for everyone in style and statement at CarLahLah. It’s just a matter of where you want to place it. Watch for us, we’re the truck with style!

“Please buy the cupcakes,” begs Mia.

*I received a CarLahLah in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions, where expressed, are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Other experiences may vary.
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