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Can’t Miss Television

In 2004, my husband introduced me to the man behind Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, through a show called Curb Your Enthusiasm. Immediately I loved this show because I could so easily identify with Larry David, who finds himself in awkward predicaments with his friends and neighbors due to his idiosyncrasies and social missteps. 

If you’ve seen Curb Your Enthusiasm you can relate too. In one episode Larry is confronted by a man in a wheelchair after using the handicapped designated bathroom – a harmless offense, but one that nonetheless gets him in trouble due to his uncanny timing and stubborn refusal to admit wrongdoing

My most vivid Larry David Moment occurred in high school. I’m sure it was the moment used to capture the Elaine and the bathroom stall Seinfeld episode, “Can you spare a square”. Mine played out as a Senior in High School. A break in between classes found me in a stall, duty complete, and realizing there was no toilet paper.

I knocked on the stall and asked the girl next to me if there was any toilet paper. There was no response. 

This went on for a few moments and then she stood up. Deciding I was drip dried enough to stand, I did so and said, “Excuse me. Is there any toilet paper in your stall you could hand me?”

She didn’t look at me, nor did she acknowledge me.

I said, “What are you deaf?”

Still no response.

I was irked. 

On my way out I checked her stall and there was an abundance of toilet paper. I marched into my Journalism class and gave the run down on my restroom experience, complete with a detailed description of my ignorer. My teacher took it all in.

A few days later I entered Journalism to my teacher’s guffawing. I asked, “What’s so funny?” 

His reply, “She’s in my third period and she IS deaf!” 

I was mortified and had to spend the next year and a half trying to live the restroom stall incident down.

What is your Larry David moment?

Watch “Curb Your Enthusiasm” five nights a week!  Check your local listings here:

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