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A Modern Spin on a Timeless Classic

Isn’t it amazing how things from our childhood live on? Take for example the Origami Fortune Tellers. I remember making them in third grade.  They looked like this:

origami fortune teller

Origami Fortune Teller

Well, that same Fortune Teller has now received an impressive make-over thank to Cahootie! It’s far more modern and impressive than the ones I made out of notebook paper (even done with my BEST handwriting!). It also is far more appealing to my girls, seven and nine.  Why? Let’s start with how the Cahootie Fortune Teller looks:


Cahootie-Wishes and Dreams

It’s a high-quality laminated paper (so it’s durable) and it’s loaded with fun graphics! My girls are crazy about the colors and artwork. They received the Wishes and Dreams, but there’s 20 themes available from political parties, Camp Rocks, Slumber Party, My Fab Family and more.

Cahootie comes with reusable stickers

Cahootie comes with 40 Reusable Stickers

To keep the game exciting, each Cahootie comes with 40 reusable and interchangeable stickers! My girls love that they can change the game and mix up the “fortunes”.

Inside cahootie

Cahootie-Wishes and Dreams

Cahootie is a great evolution to a timeless game and continues to be a great activity for my girls even after a week of it in play. The fact that the game can easily be changed makes it appealing and the quality keeps it moving even after much use.

As an added bonus, Cahootie offers a social playspace for children called Club Cahootie.  Here, children can decorate an avatar, blog, play games, listen to music and watch Fox’s hit show, Glee! Parents do need to fill out a consent form. The site is monitored so kiddos can play on line and stay safe!

*I received Cahootie in order to facilitate an honest review. The opinions where expressed are my own and were in no way influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.
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