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The Baker’s Wife Book Review

Christian literature seems to be my reading passion lately. I just finished reading The Baker’s Wife by Erin Healy. Before this book, I had never heard of Erin Healy, and now I’m looking forward to reading her two other books Never Let You Go and The Promises She Keeps. She’s a great author, and I loved her attention to detail and character development.

The Baker’s Wife

The Baker’s Wife is a thought-provoking book with a theme of mystery. Audrey was the pastor’s wife first. Of course, like all good mysterious something gave…a scandalous lie. It ended her husband’s career as Pastor.

Now they have a new gig, working side by side running a bakery. Here they serve piping hot coffee, and bake fresh bread but hurt still tugs at Audrey.

On her way to the bakery one morning, Audrey’s car strikes something-or someone-at a fog-shrouded intersection. A motor scooter, belonging to a local teacher is found in a pool of blood, but there is nobody.

Detective Jack Mansfield’s wife, Julie is missing. The scooter and the blood belong to her. He’s certain Audrey is behind his wife’s disappearance.

The trail turns cold, and Detective Mansfield goes off the deep end. Not long ago, he forced her family out of church now he sets out to destroy them once and for all. He takes Audrey, her family along with some patrons hostage at the bakery. It’s up to Audrey, her soul-damaged ex-con husband and a cynical teen to solve the mystery. It’s going to require her to tap into the very thing she would rather leave behind–her ability to feel others’ pain.

Throughout the story, one has to wonder what truly is a sincere Christian life. Diana Hall was the character that helped me see the light. Will she be the character that brings it all into perspective for you?

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