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BodyMedia Fit and Me: Day Two

Here we are. Day Two. I’m still on the path to a healthier me!

 Where the BodyMedia Fit armband is on my arm, I feel sore. Not painfully sore, or uncomfortable, just sore. It’s not enough to deter me from this journey, but the reality is that there is some tenderness. 
Today I struggled with meeting my goals. I was impressed by what a little silent motivator the BodyMedia Fit is for me. Using the Display clip I could see where I was with just a press of the button. As nighttime rolled around, I found myself pacing in my living room trying to meet my goals. This is a gentle reminder of how inactive I am and that I need to implement some changes. 

I love the ability to check my progress and find myself pressing buttons to see how many steps I’ve taken or how much activity I have completed. I’m shocked that not everything I do contributes to the activity goal.

Here is the graph for my Day Two. I rocked on sleep efficiency, barely made the steps goal and the rest needs some attention. Can you believe I missed my activity goal by just five minutes? I am really bummed.

There were some moments when I totally stepped up to the step goal and then it all just sort of faded out. I need more energy. I need to schedule a walk or something. Thankfully I saw I was short and kept at it until I reached the goal.

I have been given the BodyMedia Fit kit in order to facilitate an honest review. No other compensation will be received. The opinons are my own and are not influenced by the sponsor. Others experiences may vary.

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