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The Big Bang Theory: Stand Alone Friendships or Time with the Boys?

I remember the first time I saw The Big Bang Theory. My mom was visiting. The kiddos were down for bed and it was just my mom and me.  Normally, we visit. We never run out of things to say or talk about it. It was her last night visiting and she said, “What time is it?” I told her and she asked if I watched “The Big Bang Theory”; I did not.

She turned on the TV, found the show and I laughed so hard. It was hilarious and fun. The dynamics of these four “geeks” were hysterical. The primary focus of the show was the core friendship of these guys and then there was Penny–the only girl.

I watched faithfully after my mom went back home. We would talk about the show in our phone calls and I loved that she and I both found the same humor in the lines, the delivery, and the storylines.

Then in Season four, Penny gets some girlfriends. Bernadette and Amy enter the picture. At first I was “Whoa! They’re messing up the mojo!” but as the girls came into their characters, the dynamics of the show were even more amazing. There are the issues we all experience, finding time to bond with our friends and still find time to interact and engage as couples.

My friendships have primarily been with guys. I feel fortunate to be one of the girls who can have a standalone deep friendship with someone of the opposite sex. My husband, however, needs time with the boys.

Each season of The Big Bang Theory gets wilder than the last! In case you missed it, Season 4’s available.

Do you think that guys and girls can have a standalone deep friendships or do girls need girl time and guys need time with the boys?

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