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The Big Bang Theory: Roommates

Reflecting back on my life, the only time I’ve ever had roommates was when I was 17. My dad wanted to pursue a career in Country Music, so he packed his bags and moved from Salt Lake City to Nashville, Tennessee. I remained in Salt Lake, enrolled in High School and working towards graduation. I moved in with a friend of mine from high school and her family.

The first few weeks were great. We all got along. There was a family environment and then it all just went awry. The parents were never seen. Though we would wake up occasionally to find bags of groceries on the kitchen floor. Eventually, that became fewer and fewer between. Essentially it was me, my friend, who was a year younger and her two sisters (ages fourteen and eleven). None of us were equipped to be on our own, much less caring for pets, a home and tending to school.

It began to unravel as collectors came to get their things. The parents were always two steps ahead of the collectors and we’d answer the door, hear what they were there to take and advise that it had already left in the night. The sisters closed the blinds, stopped going to school and depression set in. I sought a place to stay from my grandparents. Initially my request was declined. Then my grandma came to the rescue. I slept on the floor behind her couch, and sat at the school for three hours before it started and walked five miles home. It was okay because I was safe and there was stability.

Sheldon and Leonard are best friends and roommates who pester each other to no end on The Big Bang Theory! This couldn’t be more apparent than in Sheldon and Leonard’s blinding Roommate Agreement. ‘The Big Bang Theory’ shows us that living with a roommate can often be a great but difficult experience. I love this show and hearing about the Roommate Agreement is hilarious.

There is a Body Snatchers clause. It declares that one friend needs help to destroy someone they know who’s been replaced with an alien pod.

The standard Over-night Guest Clause: There has to be a 24-hour notice if a non-related female will stay over night.

A television clause: “Roommates agree that Friday nights shall be reserved for watching Joss Whedon’s brilliant new series Firefly.”

There’s some crazy clauses like: if one friend gets super powers (he will name the other one as his sidekick); if one friend is bitten by a Zombie (the other can’t kill him even if he turned); if one friend gets invited to go swimming at Bill Gate’s house (he will take the other friend to accompany him) .

It seems Leonard and Sheldon have thought of everything.

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What is your most memorable roommate experience? What do you think of Sheldon and Leonard’s relationship?

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