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What is the Best Family Location Tracking App for Parents?

Nothing feels worse than when you feel separated from your family, especially the kids. The biggest worry is always their safety because children can move aimlessly into dangerous places. Though not all kids stroll aimlessly, some small kids find it difficult to trace their way home. Others will go to their friends’ homes to play some computer games and overstay.

The incorporation of smartphones into our daily activities has made it easier to know the exact locations of our kids. Various companies have developed thousands of parental control apps. Unfortunately, most of them are ineffective in one way or another. Thanks to parental control apps tested by many parents from all over the world and recommended it. This app has over a million downloads and thousands of positive reviews to date.

Technology is bringing us parental control features, including televisions and computers. The use of parental control child tracker helps you limit your kid’s movement and ensure their safety. The app is renowned for many features that make it better than its competitors.

Features of Location Parental Control App.

No one would wish to pay for a product that isn’t useful or wouldn’t solve their problem. Surprisingly, this application was designed with the user’s needs in mind. Here are the main features of the cell phone tracker online free application: 

  1. Live GPS Location Tracker.

Those who have used a parental control app will tell you that it comes with various parental control features. Out of the many features, the live location feature is the most used and effective. 

The app gives you the real-time location of your kids because it serves as a GPS location tracker. What is more, parents create Geofences using this app. The “safe zone” is good if you have school-going children to know when they get to school and when they leave in the evening. This makes it easier to know when your child misses classes or is late for classes. A parent who has installed it on their phone gets notified when the kids walk into the Geofence and when they walk beyond the set boundaries.

  1. Detecting Harmful Videos and Photos.

This outstanding feature helps you know when your kids receive harmful content as messages on their social accounts. The sophisticated phone tracker app allows you to block the specific application from receiving harmful content to prevent further usage.

  1. Browsing and Location History Features.

You may take quite some time before checking your kids’ location. When you get home in the evening, you can check your app to see the locations they visited during the day. The history tells you the exact time they visited a particular location. You may need to zoom out the location history map on your phone screen to see the accurate locations.

On this family tracker app, you will also see the websites that your children love to access. You are free to block any sites you consider offensive or unnecessary to them.

Other features of the parental control app include app blocking, screen time control, and web filtering.

hand holding a printed on paper location icon over many other multicoloured application iconsConclusion.

Tracking your children’s location is paramount to avoid possible security threats arising from unnecessary movement. Although kids are prone to unending cyberbullying by illegal internet users, the parental control app came to solve this problem and others. Kids will not access harmful content because the parents will remotely block the apps with such content. A parental control app trains your kid to use time effectively.

Using this app is secure, easy, and convenient. The subscription you choose should depend on your budget and the number of phones you want to connect. Different affordable subscriptions mean that the app is meant for all parents. Unlike some apps, you aren’t required to pay to receive a download link. It’s completely free and the most effective app you can use to track a cell phone.

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